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  1. Homesick

    You need to have a long conversation with him. Have you considered counselling? It is though a more common issue than you may think.
  2. Q on 186 Visa

    Yes, I am afraid you have misunderstood. Employers are not going to see your details. A 186 application requires a sponsor to be in place with the process started by the employer If you want a percent visa, you are better looking at PR visas such as 189 or 190. Or even a 489. Employers generally only offer 457 ( about to become TSS) which are temporary visas. What is the occupation?
  3. Q on 186 Visa

    Have you got an employer sponsoring you?
  4. Thoughts on SAD/depression

    would just chip in and say my wife suffered with SAD for the first time in oz. She was recommended a UV lamp which helped a lot.
  5. That is about right. Do make sure you pass the other criteria though such as balance of family test.
  6. Yes, it will be two or three years, but the assessing body will tell you. Also look closely at the qualification required as many trades in the UK are NVQ2, but generally NVQ3 is required
  7. 190 Visa

    Occupations on the short term list are there because only a couple of states estimate there is any demand for them. At the moment WA has an issue with unemployment and the last thing it wants to do is add to it. However 190's that meet the criteria are processed quickly.
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum. So, your son and husband are both British, so your husband just needs a UK passport if he hasn't still got one up to date. You can apply online for your sons first passport. I am guessing you are Australian? If so, the first question would be do you have any British parents or grandparents?
  9. Train Driver/ Gas Fitter

    I would speak to a good migration agent as your options are difficult. A parent visa sponsored by a child is possible, but when it involves a minor, very complex Applying under the skilled route also has potential issues as you only have one year of recent experience.
  10. Train Driver/ Gas Fitter

    Hi and welcome to the forum. The big and first thing are visas. I am guessing you don't have one yet?
  11. Contributory parent visa 173

    Processing times are a bit vague on most visas at the moment due to changes. But on average expect between 2 and 2.5 years
  12. Parent migration options

    There are only two real options. The none contributory visa and the expensive contributory. However, the none contributory has a time frame of 30 years, while the contributory has a time frame of two years. In theory, yes they could lodge either on shore and go on a bridging visa. However, there are issues with being on a bridging visa. First, they would not be entitled to full medicare - hence why the none contributory is generally considered a bad idea as they having very limited healthcare for older people is not a good idea. There are other issues as well such as they would never qualify for any state assistance and there UK pensions are frozen at that point.
  13. Over 50 - are we wasting our time?

    There are now no permanent visas available to you. There are some temporary visas such as a 457 sponsored visa which would give you the right to live and work in Oz for up to 4 years, though this visa is about to be abolished and replaced with a new visa and the full regulations for which are not yet known. This requires an employer to sponsor you and to be honest, at your age, would be very hard. It also comes with a number of down sides. You also mention that your youngest child would like to come, but, if they have flown the nest- are independent - then it is unlikely they would be allowed if they are not fully dependent on you.
  14. Regional area advice

    Regional for visa purposes includes Mandurah which is very popular place to live regardless of visa conditions - we are citizens and lived there for 8 years and loved it. It is only 50 minutes by train from the city, so going to Perth for shopping and entertainment is easy, though it has pretty much everything you need. Other options include the south west such as Bunbury which is where many people from Perth go on holiday.
  15. Construction industry

    I am afraid Perth is far from booming.