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  1. verystormy

    189 and 190 Visa invitation

    For a 189, the last minimum points invited were for those on 85 and there were not many of them. For the 190, are you a graduate of West Australia?
  2. verystormy

    WA State sponsored graduate?

    Did he complete his masters in WA?
  3. Don't beat yourself up about it. I have seen English teachers fail it! There are resources online to help with preparation
  4. 56 will not even allow you to claim competent English. The department consider a pass for purposes of migration to be 60. To claim any points, you need a minimum of 65 for ten points and 79 for 20 points.
  5. verystormy

    Typical Rental Periods

    Furnished rentals are fairly thin on the ground in Oz, it isn't like the UK. Most will be there for short stay / holiday type lets. As a result, there usually expensive compared to longer leases. Generally, people moving over will rent one of these for a month or so while they find a normal unfurnished rental. In the mean time, people will buy some cheap basics to get through the gap between moving into a unfurnished place and their own things arriving. For example, IKEA do a kitchen starter pack which has pretty much everything you need for a very small amount of money. It will be the school summer holidays in January, so that will help with the kids schools, but yes, it should be fine to register them while in short term accommodation
  6. You need to check which list the occupation of social worker is currently on. Look here. Homeaffairs.gov.au If it is on the long term list, then she may be eligible for a 189 visa. This is an independent skilled permanent visa. The issue though is that she will need to carefully calculate points. This is where many people have an issue. Although the technical minimum requirement is 65, in reality, nobody is getting invited with less than 80. This can be very hard to get. If she can, then she needs to obtain a positive skills assessment for her occupation. She will need ILETS and will probably need a maximum score. However, the points system is being tweaked in November. As a result I would stronBly recommend you speak to a good registered migration agent to discuss the options. Camilla who runs http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au/ is very good
  7. verystormy

    Primary Teaching question

    Welcome to the forum It is an awkward one. My gut reaction would say no, as they are looking at time spent at degree level or above. But, I would run it past a good migration agent. Camilla at http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au would be a good option. You would also need to look carefully at the points as you wouldn't have any on graduating for experience and while 65 is the minimum, the reality is you may need significantly more.
  8. verystormy

    Better to go on UK or Irish passport?

    Points, occupation and and other qualifying factors.
  9. verystormy

    Better to go on UK or Irish passport?

    It makes zero difference.
  10. verystormy

    Visa 407 and primary school - help!

    It isn't the school that charges, but the state. The current fee is $4000 per year.
  11. verystormy

    190 Visa Processing Times

    Have you checked the WA skilled lists as at present the state requires you to have either studied in WA or have a job offer for most occupations. https://migration.wa.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/Final State nomination migration program criteria - Feb 2019 update.pdf
  12. You need to gain registration as a nurse in Australia prior to skills assessment. You will need to swat up to gain the maximum points for English as this is critically important, particularly for a 189 visa as 75 points is going to be the minimum to get an invite. Personally I am a big fan of using an agent to guide you through the process.
  13. That will get a quick invite. However, do make sure you have calculated points correctly as 95 with a max ILETS score is unusually high and ovet alimony a single point gets a refusal (loss of fee) and potentially even a ban on reapplying
  14. verystormy

    Skills Assessment done. What next?

    Camilla of http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au is very highly recommended and is a long time member of the forum. She is based in Perth, but that is not an issue as generally agents will not see you face to face and instead prefer things by email. Though you can call her.