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  1. Info would be appreciated

    The lack of formal qualification is going to be the issue. It won't necessarily be a bar, but will cause complications in passing the skills assessment. As a result, you will need professional help from a good agent as you will need to go through some extra hoops. Normally, a person does a skills assessment by providing the assessing body copies of qualification and evidence of experience and potentially practical assessment. But, in your case you will need to be assessed by what is known as RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). The unfortunate flip side being they will deduct a fair bit of your experience for what you can claim for points, usually about eight years, meaning you can only then claim seven years experience which may reduce the points available to you - you need at least 60, but the more the better as at the moment nobody is being invited with less than 70. So, my advice would be to contact a good migration agent. Camilla is one who helps on the forum and I would recommend. He contact details are
  2. Info would be appreciated

    The first thing. Visas, as everything else is academic until you know you qualify for a visa. So, fist trade. The two you mention are very different and would be assessed totally differently. Which do you have a trade qualification in and what qualification? How much experience do you have? How old are you? Do you or any of the family have any major health issues?
  3. Resident Return Visa question again

    As Ali says, they will need an RRV and a tourist visa may cancel there PR on the basis that once a new visa is granted it overrides previous grants. They should also be aware that there in no gauruntee of on going RRV's as the criteria is two years in the last five spent in Oz or significant ties and the fact their parents are there isn't necessarily a significant tie in the eyes of the department. The department are fairly lenient with this and I have no issue they will get one. But beyond that may be pushing it.
  4. Migration with multiple sclerosis

    Never call the department as you go through to a call centre whose staff are not visa experts and they hold an indemnity for bad advice given. The official position of the department is that people should consult a registered migration agent such as the one recommended above.
  5. Migration with multiple sclerosis

    Camila who runs is an excellent agent and helps on the forum. Be aware the age cut off is now 45 and not 50 - it has recently changed and you may already struggle for points. You should also be aware that the minister is now hinting that parent visas may be abolished - I would not be at all surprised, so if your parents eventually joining you, is a big part of your decision, that is something to consider,
  6. It would be a struggle to get sponsorship even on another temp visa (the 457 has been abolished and replaced with the 482). State sponsorship for WA is also now hard and if they have offered a 489 that is about as good as you are likely to get. Though it will limit your ability to work as you can't work in Perth for a year. Has your agent discussed with you any issues with including your children on the application? The 20 year old and 17 should be ok, but if the 18 year old is not in full time education it could be an issue. Your husband also needs to research job options as his HGV qualifications won't be valid and plumbing is a licensed occupation which means he would need to work as a trade assistant for a period - usually a year - which is a bit like an apprentice and then take college courses.
  7. Migration with multiple sclerosis

    Ali has pretty much outlined the issues. Your mothers condition is a potential issue as the department will not just look at potential costs now, but also in the future. You would need to gain your visa first and make the move and settle for two years, then your parents could apply. If they can get through the medical, they need to be aware of the costs. This is a very expensive process for parents with costs of about $130,000 for two parent visas. Though this is likely to rise by the time they are able to apply. Also, processing is not quick. At the moment it is taking about three years to process a visa, so in reality it would be five years after you made the move that they could join you.
  8. Mr

    Have you looked at skilled independent visas as sponsored visas are usually only temporary and come with a lot of issues.
  9. long term furnished home ?

    I don't remember seeing many of them. To be honest, I suspect it would not help you settle as it would feel like you are surrounded by other people's things constantly and wouldn't feel like home.
  10. Area Advise, things to do

    Then that will be mid winter, which unfortunately means a number of things will be closed and beach activities not really happening. My suggestions would be Perth zoo, Freo Prison tour and trip to Mandurah to see dolphins which are actually very common in winter.
  11. Area Advise, things to do

    Hi and welcome to the forum. How old are your children?
  12. In my years on the forum, I haven't come across it. Is it still on the list?
  13. Wow, Perth-London direct come Mar '18!

    I can't think of a more horrid flight. Maybe ok in first - though not Qantas first. I would rather swim.
  14. What is it you teach?
  15. Resident return visa

    If you are living in Australia when the travel portion expires and you wish to leave and return to Australia such as a holiday, you would need an RRV. In such circumstances it would normally be granted easily and quickly and you would get a 5 year RRV. Once you have activated your visa by visiting Australia within the 12 months of police or medical check you then have 5 years to make the move before the travel portion of the visa expires. If you haven't made the move to Australia by then, there is a risk they wont grant an RRV, though generally they are lenient.