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  1. verystormy

    General Questions

    Hi and welcome. Generally, company sponsored visas are temporary normally valid for either 2 or 4 years. It is possible to buy property on such as a visa, but you would need to get permission from the Foriegn Investment Review Board. However, you would have to consider very carefully if should a purchase is wise on a temporary visa. If she were to lose her job for any reason, then you would have a very small window of a grace period before having to leave the country. For citizenship, you need to have been in Australia for at least 4 years with at least one year as a permanent residence
  2. verystormy

    By way of Introduction..

    Hi and welcome to the forum. We used to live a touch further south than where you are planning in mandurha
  3. verystormy

    44 ur old painter running out of options

    You agent is correct. It is very hard for anyone aged over 40 to get a visa and the a salute cut off for most visas is 45. Even for a 186 extra rules apply to anyone over 45 that make it impossible. What is your occupation?
  4. verystormy

    ACA moving to perth in 2022

    At present it is hard to say how things will be by then as it is likely there will be some shake up of system. If you are intending for this to be a permanent move, then you are best to apply for a permanent visa. Most sponsored visas are temporary and come with a lot of issues. You would also obviously be in competition in a job search with locally qualified people. Part of the sponsorship involves an employer showing they are sponsoring because there are no locally qualified people.
  5. I am not certain you understand why lockdowns happen. It is to protect health services from being overwhelmed. Simple as that. Look what happens if you don't, which is what some US states are currently doing. Hospitals are full of covid patients. Every ICU is full and 68 major hospitals are about to run out of oxygen. The result of that is that people are dying from the other things that normally need hospital care as the beds are all full and no space to treat them. As for vaccination. Yes, everyone has a right to chose. But, along with any right comes responsibility and the impact on other people's right. So, personally I would support a person not getting a vaccine on the condition they sign away their right to medical care of any description. Let Darwin manage it and remove the stupid from the gene pool.
  6. verystormy

    Parent Visas

    You really need professional advice on this. George Lombard is an agent that specialist agent for visas with medical complications
  7. verystormy

    Partner visa - self applying?

    Hi and welcome. Partner visas are one of the easier ones to apply for and it shouldn't be too hard to do. If you do get stuck you can always use an agent then or just have the application checked prior to submitting.
  8. No, certain not not impossible to get work. While there is certainly a fair share of ageism in Australia, plumbers are in demand. I would plan on it taking a year to get your license. Earnings are also not paid like an apprentice, you should get a reasonable wage, but not that of someone with a license.
  9. You will need to gain a license. In order to do this you will need to work as a trade assistant for some time such (a bit like an apprentice) and undertake some college courses.
  10. It is a legal requirement for sponsorship to work full time. You are far better to look at permanent skilled visas than sponsored visas which are only temporary.
  11. verystormy

    Is now a Good time to move to Perth?

    That is moot though if you do not qualify for a visa and based on what you have written it is far from certain.
  12. verystormy

    Is now a Good time to move to Perth?

    Do you have a visa?
  13. verystormy

    Young Family in UK

    The official list for occupations are at homeaffairs.gov.au however, there is no ranking. Any of them could disappear tomorrow. In order to qualify, you are generally looking at obtaining the relevant qualification and then about three years post qualification experience. By which time, the occupation lists and probably the entire system will probably not resemble today's. As for costs, again, difficult to say, as visa costs increase annually. At the moment, if you were applying now, I would say a total budget of about 30k would be about right to cover visas and making the move. One word of caution. Your life doesn't suddenly get better by moving to Oz, or anywhere else for that matter. Nor is it magically better for children. It has pluses and negatives. Hence why about half of those who go, return to the UK.
  14. verystormy

    Covid 19 Impact

    Hi and thank you. My user name is actually my real name. It is an old Norse name. I will try to answer some of your questions. First, with the English exams, there are several different ones available and different people find differences more easy for want of a better word. The PTE exam gets a lit more favourable reviews than ILETS. Also, they can take certain medical conditions in to account. For example I know dyslexics get extra time. So worth contacting them. With regard visas, Australia is in effect not processing visas at the moment. They are processing literally a handful of visas for certain medical occupations. I also suspect that will remain the case for most of this year. Pas for jobs, I would look at seek.com.au to get a feel of what roles are out there.
  15. verystormy

    Points advice please :-)

    If you go down the sponsored route, just be very aware of the issues before.