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  1. The advice is always use a registered migration agent. If you think ACS are pedantic. Wait till you actually deal with migration. Accept, they don't give the chance to redo do things.mthey will keep that big expensive visa fee. Issue a refusal and potentially even a ban on reapplying.
  2. verystormy

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    I would strongly recommend using an agent. The downside of employer sponsored is that they are on of the most common visas to be refused.
  3. verystormy

    Newbie, any advice please?

    How about getting married? You can get a prospective marriage visa, which would allow you to go to Oz to get married and then apply for a partner visa.
  4. verystormy

    Newbie, any advice please?

    It sounds feasible to me, though there may be other options. In some states in Oz it is possible to register a relationship which means you don't need to have lived together for 12 months.
  5. verystormy

    UK National Insurance and State Pension

  6. verystormy

    Residency vs working visa, suburbs, teaching and GP

    As mentioned above. I think you are confused on visas. First, you have to be under the age of 31 for a working holiday visa. Second, you can not have dependants. The working visa you may be mixing this with is a employer sponsored visa. This is a temporary visa sponsored by an employer for up to four years. This does allow dependants to be included. However. The main applicant must work full time. There are a number of down sides with this visa. For example, you are not eligible for any government benefits. The state will charge you for education for children. The visa is tied to the employer, so, if the main applicant loses their job for any reason (leaves their job as well) the visa is also lost. The most important thing is that it is a temporary visa. Even if you want to stay later, that may not be your decision. A permanent visa offers much more security. It also allows you to do what ever you wish regards work. Work part time, change career, what ever you want. With regards costs, this is an expensive process. You should budget 30k for total costs. I also think you should research more. I am not sure why you think Australia will change your lives in the way you are looking for. It is an expensive country. The days of people moving from the terrace house in the UK to a mansion in Australia are long gone. Also, people work long hours. In fact the average is higher in Australia (longest working hours in the developed world) and many have less annual leave.
  7. verystormy

    UK National Insurance and State Pension

    No and no. It doesn't matter how long you worked in the UK, if you were resident, then you pay tax. 9 years of NI would not be sufficient to claim a state pension. You can though continue to pay NI to later qualify for it. If you are a British citizen
  8. verystormy

    History of relationship for Partner Visa

    No, they won't want 24 years of evidence. In fact they rarely go back more than a year. At most three years.
  9. verystormy

    Sending boxes from UK to WA

    We used a small move cube when we moved back, which holds plenty for what you are looking at.
  10. verystormy

    Rail jobs

    The main job site is seek.com.au which should give you an idea. Do you have visas?
  11. verystormy


    Hi. If you mean you want to use a migration agent to help do your visas, then http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au/ is highly recommended. I am assuming you have don't some initial research to look at if you qualify for a visa?
  12. You can not be family sponsored for an occupation on the short term list. Occupations for family sponsored 489 have to be on the long term list.
  13. verystormy

    Gas service Layers

    The question would be do you qualify for a visa? You need to check the occupation lists at homeaffIrs.gove.au to see if your occupation is there. Then check with the assessing authority (which would be listed next to the occupation) to see if you can pass the skills assessment
  14. verystormy

    Losing permanent residency?

    All you can do is apply. Though you might want to check vevo first to see what is the current visa status in case the visitor visa has cancelled the partner visa.
  15. verystormy

    Looking for some advice

    The first thing to think about are visas and to ensure you are eligible. I am guessing you would be using your skills? In which case, go through the skills assessment for social worker to ensure you can pass that. With points, if you are including points for English language, you will need to take an exam to claim them such as ilets. For jobs, you can look at seek.com.au to get an idea of jobs available. While I don't think your husbands condition is likely to be a problem, when ever there is a medical condition I always recommend running it past a specialist migration agent just to make sure such as George Lombard