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  1. I don't think it is doom and gloom. But it is realistic and maybe your view of the U.K. is overly doom and gloom. We moved back to the UK in 2016 and would say our life is at least as good back in the UK as it was in Oz.
  2. verystormy

    Has anyone gone to WA on a 188 Visa

    I would be taking professional advice rather than on a forum. Based purely on stats as we left in 2016 due to lack of work, unemployment has increased, house building is at record lows and investment seriously struggling. But, stats don't tell every story and take professional advice. Do not though assume it is a land of milk and honey!
  3. verystormy

    Still waiting.........12months on........

    Then, based on what I am seeing on other posts on PIO, I would expect you to get the grant within a month of the nomination being approved.
  4. verystormy

    Still waiting.........12months on........

    Was your application lodged at the same time as the nomination?
  5. This is hard and why I always flag it as a major issue to people moving whose occupations require licenses. Have seen way too many people lose everything on this basis. My advice is to set a timetable based on finances of how long you are happy to attempt it.
  6. verystormy

    Approved business sponsors/TSS

    It would be hard to get a sponsor as a bricklayer as most are self employed, so not eligible for sponsorship. Also, under the new regulations you would need to pass a skills assessment. Have you completed a formal apprenticeship? A CSCS card doesn't mean you are qualified as a bricklayer. You need to be aware that as you are over 45, as pointed out to you, you are only eligible for a TSS. This is only a temporary visa, which would never translate to anything else. So, sooner or later you would have to move back to the UK. A TSS may be for one day to a maximum of four years.
  7. verystormy

    Child wanting to go to University in England

    Normally he needs himself to have resided in the UK for three years, however I have seen a number of universities wave the international fees in such circumstances. But it will be trial and error and contacting individual university. I would say though that if he normally lives with you in Australia then no chance unless you are both back in the UK prior to applicationn
  8. verystormy

    Thinking about making the move!

    You will need to investigate if your children have citizenship. This will depend on what the status of your parents had when you were born. Your wife will need a partner visa, these are generally fairly simple to do, but do take some preparation. I am assuming your wife holds a degree in nursing?
  9. verystormy

    Q on 186 Visa

    It is very difficult at the moment to predict TSS visas as they are been granted very erratically. As I have already stated, a 186 or any other PR visa is not an option as he is too old. You can not get PR. So, you will be allowed to live and work in Oz on a temporary basis only. So, you will not be migrating You should familiarise yourself with the issues that come with a temporary visa. These will vary according to your family situation.
  10. verystormy

    teacher for independent skilled pr visa

    To qualify for a visa as any form of teacher, she would need to complete four years of university degree level (as minimum) education. I do not recommend she undertakes it on a student visa as it is a very expensive way to do it. She should also only study to a career if that is what she really wants regardless of if it produces a visa. Occupations are regularly removed and this one is one I would not be at all surprised to see removed. Over 200 occupations have been removed in the last 12 months and the government has made it clear, many more will be. Also, points may be an issue as because the number of places for visas has been reduced, although the technical requirement is still 60, in reality nobody has been getting invited on less than 70.
  11. verystormy

    Mature student seeking help and advice with settling in Perth.

    Be careful of caravan sites close to the city. Given you only have a temporary student visa, don't blow your money as you may need it when you return to the UK at the end of your studies.
  12. verystormy

    Commutable Suburbs

    Would certainly agree with Maddington as a place to avoid and would avoid anywhere the required getting the train line along there as far too many issues getting the train on that line. I spent several years working fora company that had a facility in Maddington and we were eventually banned from getting the train after too many staff had issues.
  13. verystormy

    adopted children

    I think they are going to need 101 visas, the cost of which is the same regardless of where applied for. But, as Ali mentions, there are significant risks applying on shore as until the 101's were granted, they would have the same restrictions on them as a tourist which can have impacts on things like access to education. I would therefore also recommend you contact a good agent. Camilla from New Life Down Under is a reputable agent who posts on the forum. http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au i am guessing they are all under 18?
  14. verystormy

    Commutable Suburbs

    My advice would be to wait till you arrive and have a chance to look at different areas as what they seem like in person can be very different. When we were moving we were almost certain of the area we wanted. It was an area that is very popular. We arrived, went to see it and hated it. Also, I wouldn't recommend you immediately buy. Look at renting while you get to know it.
  15. verystormy

    Construction industry

    Sorry, but I just try to be realistic rather than positive. For example, only last week, unemployment in WA hit its highest level in 16 years. But, hey, I can sit there telling everyone to move to WA as it is booming and there are 10 jobs for everyone and the streets are paved with gold.