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  1. Cost of living -- Sanity Check

    first, rent. Is at least $100 too low per week You have missed buying cars. Factor in that second hand hold there value a lot more. For example, I sold a Hyundai Getz with a few issues for 3k last year. Mobile phones. temp accommodation You will leach cash in the first few months. internet. health insurance for a family may be a fair bit higher in order to qualify for tax purposes I would allow a LOT more for school - you have allowed maybe per child per term.

    what ever you do, do not apply for a visitor visa as this may cancel his pr visa. I am afraid there isn't a lot he can do other than wait, though it might be worth the small fee to get an opinion from a good agent. Search fro New Life Down Under on here and see what Camila thinks.
  3. Advice needed

    You could look at the skilled occupation lists to see if your occupation is on there, but I don't recall anything similar to what you do. Even if it were, it wouldn't save a huge amount. Visa fees are less - just under $4k, but add on skills assessment and ILETS and it soon adds up. You should note that the visa fees are the drop in the ocean in the overall costs.
  4. Advice needed

    Hi and welcome. The first thing are visas. Your kids should be dual citizens, so just need to get their oz passports. You will need a spouse visa. Fairly simple application. Though expensive and will take 12 to 18 months from date of application to process. as for jobs it is hard to say as at the moment Perth is in an economic downturn. but shouldn't be by you move. However, you would not be eligible to work in the oz civil service until a citizen which you can not apply for until you have lived in oz for 4 years.
  5. When to apply for jobs.

    You should also be aware that with 60 points you may have a long wait for an invitation as in the last couple of months no 60 point applications were invited.
  6. State Sponsorship

    it depends on your occupations. Some are easier than others to find.
  7. State Sponsorship

    As mentioned, it is only a moral and not a legal obligation. But, if it was regarded that you never had any intent to live in the sponsoring state, it can be regarded as visa fraud and visas cancelled, though I have never actually heard of it being done. Be aware though that NT routinely refuse 190 requests and instead offer a 489. So, you would need to be happy with this and what it entails.
  8. Declaring items at customs

    Wood is generally fine. I have been through customs with wooden carvings from Africa in my suit case, declared them and they have a quick look and pass through. Wicker can be brought in, but you have to agree to fumigation which is expensive.
  9. Citizenship questions

    The system has been set with the new rules, so unless you qualify under the new rules it won't. Also, it is too late to avoid the crush as the department haven't been processing applications under either set of rules for months now.
  10. IELTS

    It is generally considered an easier test.
  11. Emigrating in January

    Arrange for mail to be redirected. I would have it sent to a relatives and then sent in bulk to you. Once in Oz apply for Medicare and tax file numbers.
  12. Saying hello from California

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
  13. What's for dinner tonight?

    Had Sunday lunch. Roast free range herb fed chicken from a Cumbria small holding. Braised rainbow chard, fresh broad beans, roast potatoes in duck fat and home made sage and onion stuffing. Had a snooze while watching the Dam Busters and now looking forward to apple and bramble crumble. A pretty perfect Sunday
  14. Scammed

    Sorry to hear that. Did you ever have a company offering to sponsor? Your stratergy though was very risky Moderators 45 4,669 posts Report post (IP: Posted January 27 Sorry if you feel I am being negative, but I am trying to help you understand that you have chosen a very high risk strategy and that you are using a company who would be illegal in Australia. But, I will not comment further.
  15. I really would not get too certain on suburbs yet. I also recommend - strongly - that you book holiday accommodation for arrival and look around. Each area can give a different feel to what you think. For example we thought we had a very particular area, but on visiting, it was the one we liked least. In fact, I think had we moved there we would have been on a plane home in a month.