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  1. verystormy

    804 Visa

    I think a lot of things are a bit in the air at the moment due to the virus. The bridging visa will come into place as soon as your current visa expires. You can check your current visa status on vevo
  2. verystormy

    804 Visa

    Given the processing time for this is in the decades I wouldn’t expect you to hear for a long time. The contributory visa is quicker, but be aware, it is still likely 8 years.
  3. verystormy

    Anyone waiting to migrate?

    There are flight to Australia and have been all the way through. Though highly limited. You will also need to quarantine for 14 days on arrival, but PR holders are allowed in.
  4. Nope. You will need to pass a skills assessment in order to get a visa and that skills assessment will require four years of university study. The points are high because of a number of factors including a significant reduction in numbers of places per visa available. If Camilla doesn’t respond as I have just heard she is very busy, try Go Matilda.
  5. First, do you have 4 years of university education? That is a mandatory requirement to pass the skills assessment. Special education teacher is on the long term skilled list for a 189 visa, but, it would need you to have very high points. About 95 to ever get an invite. States can also sponsor visas such as a 190, but WA isn’t sponsoring this occupation. I highly recommend using an agent. Camilla from http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au/index.php?id=1 is excellent I would strongly recommend against a working visa, if you mean a employer sponsored visa. These are very hard to get these days and even if possible come with a number of significant issues that make them unsuitable for families
  6. verystormy

    Help! - Reputable Visa Agents

    I replied in your previous post with details of a good agent. Have you contacted her?
  7. verystormy

    Moving from England to Australia - What visa do i need?

    I would strongly recommend using a registered migration agent as the process is complex and easy to make an error. Camilla from http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au Is a good one and a member of the forum. The starting point is to look at the occupation lists at homeaffairs.gov.au. However, IT occupations are particularly hard to pin down on here.
  8. verystormy

    New to Perth

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  9. verystormy

    Vetteassess the practical for electricans

    These have all been suspended
  10. verystormy

    Safety Officer/ Cert IV in WHS

    I am assuming you are in the UK and asking if this will get you a job in Australia? In which case no. You would need at least three years experience. Though that is assuming the occupation is on one of the skilled lists, which I am not sure it is.
  11. verystormy


    Hi and welcome to the forum. The first thing is you mention a carpentry business. Are either of you a qualified carpenter? Or do either of you have another trade? I am afraid having a family member in Oz who is a citizen is of very limited help. It can in some circumstances add some extra points, but also has some negatives. Just a comment on the better life / relative moving back to the UK, it isn't a "better life" just a different one. Hence about half of those that move, return.
  12. verystormy

    over 65 & bridging visa

    Yes, and we are assuming the OP is British, so I am assuming you make your clients FULLY aware that reciprocal is not full Medicare by any stretch? I hope you also inform them of the pitfalls of what can happen should they live long enough through the visa processing and in 30 years fail the medical? i hope you also supply the complex financial advice an older person needs prior to such a move?
  13. verystormy

    Holiday pay for work for agency

    I would not concentrate on plumbing as it will require some college courses (expensive) and about a year to obtain a state license. If you are hoping to get a second year visa, then I would get your regional work done first. Look at Inge like bar work and restaurants, which can be more lucrative than you might expect as WA has a system of penalty rates which mean work can attract high rates on weekends and things.
  14. If you are a registered migration agent, please put your MARN into your signature all with your contact details.
  15. verystormy

    Primary School Teacher

    I am afraid if you want to teach, you must have four years of university education. The only option would be to do an extra year by doing something such as a masters