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    soccer/sport clubs

    Hi we live in Tapping and we have 2 boys aged 7 and 11 and i was wondering if anyone knew of any local soccer or sport clubs that are looking for new players many thanks lee
  2. Lee Thorp

    anyone NOR want to meet up

    Hi many thanks to the replies, Jo says she would love to meet next Thursday morning and have a chat and a walk, I will pm her number to everyone else and then you cam text or call her whenever you feel like meeting for a drink
  3. Lee Thorp

    anyone NOR want to meet up

    Hi my family and I landed 4 weeks ago, we live in Tapping.We have 2 boys who are 7 and 11 snd they started school yesterday and I started work today as a carpenter for a local builder . Unfortunately my wife is now feeling lonely so I was wondering if anyone was interested im meeting for a coffee just so she has someone to talk to many thanks Lee
  4. Lee Thorp

    Where to buy a used car?

    Hi which garage was that thanks
  5. Hi we have been looking at houses to rent in Tapping, the dize of the houses sre great but its so far away from the cbd. Does anyone know the area? Just trying to get a bit of info on the area. thanks for any replies
  6. Lee Thorp

    Where to buy a used car?

    Hi my family and I landed on Wednesday and we have hired a car but we have only got it for a couple more days so we need to go buy one, does anyone know where we can go and get something that wont blow its engine as soon as we set off hahah thanks for any replies
  7. Lee Thorp

    white card question

    Hi all im trying to apply for my white card from bulldog training and I was wondering if anyone had used them as I need a bit of help with this What question would you ask on your first day on a building site? Many thanks for any replies
  8. Lee Thorp

    What to pack in suitcase when leaving uk?

    Hi I think if you stop off for a few days somewhere you don't get the extra baggage allowance for the second leg of your journey
  9. Lee Thorp

    baggage allowance

    Yes it's with Singapore but just wasn't sure what the limit was for each case Thanks guys
  10. Lee Thorp

    baggage allowance

    Hi all we are currently packing our suitcases,when I booked the flights we were told we have 40kilos per person but does anyone know what is the limit for each case Many thanks
  11. Lee Thorp

    unsure what year for my son

    Hi my son was 11 in April and started year 7 in September,we arrive on the 23rd of October and was wondering what year will he start in,I know he will only be at school for a couple of months before the summer break Thanks for any replies
  12. Lee Thorp

    possible passport problem?

    Hi yeah we going on PR visa,our house sale took ages to sort out otherwise we would have made sure it was ok. Thanks for the advice
  13. Hi we are flying on the 22nd October but my wife has just read something about passports need to have at least 6 months left on them before they expire,is this true?as we have noticed my sons runs out in April.What do we do now or we still be ok Many thanks for any replies
  14. Lee Thorp

    MoveCube Dummies thread!

    Hi our movecube comes next Tuesday they have just delivered a load of boxes for me to start to put together and now I'm in the process of bubble wrapping everything.It's amazing how much stuff you have when you start packing boxes,we were going to use vac pacs but then I thought what if the customs open them up to have a look,I'm sure they won't back them small again,just a thought
  15. Lee Thorp

    problem with shipping

    Hi all We have just exchanged contracts on our house and so we have 2 weeks to organise our shipping,flights and accommodation but the problem is our shipping as I didn't know that they all want paying upfront before they come to pack but unfortunately we won't have the money to pay them until we complete but then we would have to be out of the house. Does anyone have any suggestions of how we can do this