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  1. Thank You Moneycorp and Our Members

    Hi is was great to see everyone great food,great company,Meeting new people. Thanks john
  2. Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    See u at the station
  3. what are you doing at this moment

    It will be great to catch up with everyone
  4. Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    We will go probley go for that one.Will check the bus times let u know.
  5. Spring

    Nice to look at then it goes to slush or ice
  6. Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    We live your way
  7. Jobs!!!

    Well done Deb
  8. Choosing a suburb

    Hi We are Portkennedy beach side got a 10 min walk to the beach.Also Rockingham beach not far away.Not far to shops and train station.Not sure what schools are like. Deb
  9. Perks of the job

    M Amazing pictures
  10. Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    Yes i will be there plus one
  11. Glad you arw getting settled
  12. Jobs!!!

    Good luck
  13. meet up all ages

    Is that me ha ha
  14. meet up all ages

    Great to meet everyone