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    Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    I hope we're not too late to join the fun. 2 adults and 1 child (8yrs)
  2. Chanonica

    Australian Radio Talk

    Well Mummytummy you missed out...on the way home people phoned in to talk about the time they were caught short for a number 2!
  3. Chanonica

    Australian Radio Talk

    I sound like my Mum saying this but what on earth is this rubbish? Yesterday morning at 7am I had my young son in the car driving to Vacation care and the radio hosts were asking for people to call in to tell them how they discovered they were being cheated on my their partner's. The drivel that followed after was too much to bare so I turned over and the talk on the next station is asking parents to phone in with their tips on how to have sex without being caught by the kids. On the way home its people phoning in with boring stories about "is there a Dr in the house moments", today its "name and shame your pet". The words "pissed" "bastard" are allowed on radio. And don't get me started on all the erectile dysfunction adds too! The news readers read advertisements at the end of their reports!? Please tell me of a decent radio station that has thought provoking discussions and debates with good music too?
  4. Chanonica

    Lake Joondalup Baptist College

    I know this thread is very old but I am curious what your final decision was Lara24 and if anyone has any recent experience with LJBC as we are very keen? We are also looking at St Stephens near Tapping but having read the recent thread "House Egged" I'm not so sure now about that area. The other school we would like to check out is Currambine Primary School. If anyone has anything positive or negative to say I'd love to hear it please.
  5. Chanonica

    Have we chosen the wrong school?

    Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd better give a quick update as you were all so good to help me out with your replies. I feel I should whisper so I'm not tempting fate but...he has settled. It took a while for him to really feel that he belonged in his class but with routine and constant encouragement he has really come a long way. He still misses his friends back home a lot and writes to them regularly, though I'm not sure if this might need to stop soon to help him move on or if he should continue this as he wants? His teacher has noticed a huge improvement and rewards him with praise and class awards. I got the impression a few times that he thought this was not his "real" school and was waiting for us to pack it all in and head back to the UK. We had tears the other day when it was his best friends birthday and all he wanted was to see him open his presents. He often says he wishes his old friends would sneak up behind him in the school playground as a surprise and they could all play together. So its still early days yet with him feeling homesick and not having a very close friend still, but he is back to working hard in class and his confidence and outgoing nature has returned. A few things I think may have helped were our family days out together. He could see what a beautiful place it is here, the beaches, parks, playgrounds, the weather and there is so much going on for families too. If only all our loved ones just moved over here too!! Thank you all once more for your advice and guidance, it really helped me x
  6. Chanonica

    Have we chosen the wrong school?

    Well today he says he's had a better day but can't seem to explain why. Maybe because we talked the hind legs off him all weekend about school and he feels a bit lighter having shared some thoughts with us. I'm sorry for worrying anyone who is yet to make the move, I know its teething problems for just right now and once it gets sorted it will be sorted for good. Also, this could have happened if we changed school within our small town in Scotland so really please don't let my experience trouble you. I think if he'd been assigned a buddy this would've been easier for him - so please ask that your kids get a buddy as it really is a nicer welcome for them. I'll leave it here for now and once things change, hopefully for the best, I'll update Thank you all again for letting me "talk" this one out with you.
  7. Chanonica

    Have we chosen the wrong school?

    Once again I am so grateful to see replies, thank you. I haven't slept much at all last night but this morning after I'd dropped him at his class I went directly to the office. I spoke to the principle about moving him to Year 1 class, I explained my worries as matter of fact as possible giving examples of alarming behaviour my son had shown in class on Friday (I'm sorry I can't write that here now just to protect him in case later someone recognises me) it was agreed that it was a distressing sign from a child who is struggling to cope and it needs to be looked into further. I was told to sit tight this week and they'l have a chat amongst the teachers but to see if he is happier after the holidays...I'm not entirely comfortable with this as I'd prefer for him to start term 4 in a new class. I get the impression its a lot of work to arrange a transfer of classrooms for one child but if he is still distressed today/ tomorrow I'll take him out of school until they find a suitable class for him. Its literally like watching my lovely confident son change into a different child right before my eyes. I've started to look at other schools in the area, should nothing improve here first. Thank you all again for your thoughts and advice.
  8. Chanonica

    Have we chosen the wrong school?

    Thank you so much for your replies. To be honest, I was surprised there was no buddy system in place when my son started, as he started in the middle of a term so I had assumed this would be normal practice. (My son had been a buddy for a new comer in his old school so this is where I jumped to conclusions). He has been left to his own devices which has not worked very well for him as he annoyed some older children by asking if he could play with them but they'd said no, he couldn't recognise which kids in the playground were from his class at the start and then got in trouble for asking in the middle of class if the person beside him would play with him at lunch time. I feel very sorry for him knowing how much he loves making new friends and how easily he usually manages it. He also said he is not understanding a lot of what's being done in class and has come home with classwork to be done at home as a result. I spoke to the teacher and she said its because he is not listening. We've told him its important he listens in class otherwise he'll get left behind in the lesson and tomorrow he is going to sit to eat lunch beside a boy he likes so as not to loose sight of him in the playground. On day FOUR of my son being there, his teacher pulled me aside and said "we need to have a chat, he is just not getting the routine at all". I thought it was very soon given he is not 7 until November and has never been to school here before. On day 5 (the day we were to have the chat) my son suffered a head injury in the playground and told his teacher who told him to just sit down and he'll be fine. Two hours later he suffered a nose bleed and she told him to get a tissue. When I collected him at 3pm I noticed the blood in his nose and he said he's been crying when he hit his head but the yard teacher told him to run to class as the bell was ringing. I had a very firm word with his teacher as to why I was not phoned and she just kept saying she was sorry she didn't think anything about it. I went straight to the Dr's to get the all clear with him. (missing the chat the teacher wanted to have about him not following routine) My husband went to reception to ask what the normal procedure is when a child reports a head injury and they said its taken very seriously, the child is brought to the school medical room and a report is written up and a parent is phoned. The headmaster came out then to say "it must've been a break down in communication with our son" !! All that weekend we wondered had we chosen the wrong school as there had been no real care shown to our son so far...nothing really has changed much... Its a sickening feeling to think we have caused this upset by wanting to live in Australia and we've just kept feeling we've done it all wrong Just to add: Perhaps its the teacher that is the problem and not the school? I'm thinking out loud now. So maybe things will improve in the new year with a new teacher? Maybe its that he is in a mixed year class - there are year 1 and year 2's in the class and he is year 1? Perhaps its better for him to be in a year 1 class?
  9. Chanonica

    Have we chosen the wrong school?

    How long did it take for your children to settle into their new school? Our 7 year old has come from a very good school in Scotland with lots of lovely friends where he was a great student and loved school so much. He is now 6 weeks into his new school and telling us he likes it, however his behaviour is showing otherwise. I've spoken to his teacher who says he is disruptive in class, daydreams an awful lot and turns up late to class after the lunch bell. She said she is going to have to become very strict with him now as its passed the 2 week settling in period. This is very unusual for my son who thrives himself on being first in line for class, enjoys partaking in class according to his previous teachers and generally loves to learn. He has not made any friends, though tells us he doesn't mind playing alone - he is such a sociable boy and loves playing with everyone so this is ringing alarm bells for me now. I get the impression he is trying hard to please us by telling us he is happy as he's seen how much work and commitment its taken to get us here but I'm very worried now that we've chosen the wrong school for him. Today we spoke with him about it being ok to miss friends and family from the UK as we do also, he said he misses them, and all he really likes about this new school is the play areas. Is it still early days? Do we persist with this school and continue to discipline this bad behaviour or is it time to take a step in another direction? I'd love to hear any advice from those who've experienced similar please as we're very worried now. Thank you.
  10. Chanonica

    Help choosing a primary school

    I had the exact same experience as Walkabout. We were here two weeks and then enrolled my son into the school, this is his second week at school (been here almost a month now)and he loves it so much. We also had a short list of areas we liked and schools I was very keen on visiting. Just like Walkabout, the school I was favouring most on paper came out worst in reality.I know how annoying it is when people say this, but its true, it really is all in the feeling you get for a place. Its a really difficult decision though to choose a school so take your time would be my advice.
  11. Chanonica

    Free dining room furniture.

    Thanks again, we truly appreciate it
  12. Chanonica

    Thoughts on Butler?

    We've been here 3 weeks now and like you we had a few ideas of where we wanted to be but honestly, until you get here you just cannot tell. I became addicted to checking rentals and properties for sale in suburbs I thought would be perfect for us, but when you drive around you get a feeling for a place and its not always good. Two estate agents told us to avoid Butler and one told us there were pockets of Quinns Rocks to avoid. We drove around Butler and it looks lovely, we even viewed a property there that was gorgeous and affordable across from a park but decided it was not for us. Also a word of warning, the photos of properties to rent can be quite deceptive as we've found out the hard way. Often a photo has been used from their archive,when you show up its clear the photos were 3-5years old or they use a picture of the house when it was advertised for sale, not after its been rented out for many years. But, its a renters market now so be pushy on what you want. We were at a viewing and spotted stains on the carpet and the curtains were clearly old and falling to pieces..the agent said you can put in your application "we will rent this property on the condition the carpets and curtains are replaced". Needless to say, we didn't bother we just accepted another house that didn't need any work doing to it for the same price. So my advice would be wait until you get here and see for yourself
  13. Chanonica

    Ladies, when did you last wear warm tights in WA?

    Thank you all for your replies, we finally arrived here last Sunday and it is bitter cold! I'm so glad I brought my collection of tights and slipper socks...I'm fully clothed wearing my dressing gown right now. Haha Caboodles, it really is warmer outside than inside. Hubby and son were calling me to sit outside with them, I thought they were mad but it was lovely. Its funny seeing on Facebook our friends in Scotland dressed the same as us (jeans,boots, jumpers and coats) but they're in Summer! Does it suddenly turn warm coming into Spring or is it really gradual right up to Summer?
  14. Chanonica

    Ladies, when did you last wear warm tights in WA?

    Thanks so much for your replies, I don't feel so daft asking it now. We land end of July so our suitcases are more geared towards the spring that's ahead of us than the winter we land in. We've lived in Scotland the last 5 years so I've a serious collection of woolly tights..we'll probably think we've walked into a sauna when we get off the plane while everyone else is wrapped up warm haha.