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  1. Daveakaginge

    457 Visas Stopped

    True, but we thought 12 years, and home. Not to be now. My wife is on the pathway to 186, no doubt they will move the goalposts on that as well.
  2. Daveakaginge

    457 Visas Stopped

    No, we haven't come to the end of our 457, no, we have no PR options, due to age, and no, my wife's occupation has been removed from the list. We came as did you, all packed up in a 40' container, house sold, on a promise and a dream. The promise was of roll over 457's, the dream was PR somehow. All gone, due to a politician trying to get himself a few more points in the polls, and this is one avenue that doesn't hurt Australians. But trust me, the same low skilled workers will still be here, being abused by the very people who are called Australians. So yes, I'm bitter.
  3. Daveakaginge

    457 Visas Stopped

    It seems to me, that many applauding this decision on 457's, are themselves first or second generation descendants of immigrants. Jobs for Australians first, will result in a dumbing down of many positions imho, as you can't force a square peg into a round hole. Rossmoyne, did your ancestors come across on the first fleet in 1788? doubt it. Many like ourselves who exhibit all the values Turnbull requires, have now been sold down the river, as once again, Australia moves the goalposts on visas, catching many out, who came here on a promise. YES!, the 457 has been abused, but punish the firms abusing the system, not legitimate visa holders caught in the crossfire. We will now have to go back and try to pick up our lives, which will be very difficult at our age.
  4. Daveakaginge

    2 x dogs from UK to Perth!

    The good news is, that the quarantine period is now only 10 days. Hth.
  5. Daveakaginge


    Just google netball teams near Eden beach.
  6. http://www.australiansuburbs.com.au/Perth
  7. Daveakaginge

    First post to say Hi everyone

    They have an advert here, about the 'right side of the road', and it's true, anything west of Marmion ave (beach side) will cost you a lot more to buy. We are in Carramar, and the beach is a ten minute drive. Burns beach is nice, and a lot of building going on. Good luck. ps we are also on a 457.
  8. Daveakaginge

    Best Fish & Chips?

    They used to be great, but have installed new friers now, gone posh, and serve half the portion they did originally. I agree, they are so so now.
  9. Daveakaginge

    Best Fish & Chips?

    That's because the potatoes over here are utter rubbish. Worst spuds in the world. imo.
  10. Daveakaginge

    Winter in Perth

  11. http://onyesha.com/
  12. Daveakaginge

    Buying property whilst waiting for a parent visa

    We are on a 457, and we have bought. At out age, renting would of been throwing money away, so here we are, snug in our own 4x2 with pool, on a fairly large plot, by a golf course......a millionaire lifestyle
  13. Daveakaginge

    Feeling old

    We came at ages 59 (me) and 53 (my wife), love it here, but trying for pr is a real bitch, ever hopeful though.
  14. Hi all, I know of a house available for long term rent in Carramar in 6 weeks time. it is a 4x2 on a fairly large plot, if interested give me a nudge. Mods, if this thread is unacceptable, by all means, delete.
  15. Daveakaginge

    Two years on......

    Well! having been here for two years (short a month), I have decided to share my likes and dislikes. Love Perth, love the people, love the weather, love my house, love the transport system, love the activity's, love the beaches, love the golf courses. So all told, we are very happy here, and would love to stay, alas, 457 not withstanding, we are too old for PR. Now then, Aussies can't do sausages, pies, bread, cheese, and mayonnaise. They drive like maniacs, and have no manners whatsoever. They live to earn money, so dentists are a big rip off, as are the vets, and the private health sector. The potatoes are pants, and I miss my Jersey royals for salads. The clothes are rubbish as well, still get our stuff sent over from the UK. We loved Christmas here (twice), and loved getting out and about, looking at all the house Christmas light displays. Loved Australia day, and all it entailed. We love the wildlife, and the views from Kings park. Love the shopping centres, and the retail parks, love the ease in which you can get around the road network. Love eating out, and I mean OUT!, a pastime you can even do in the winter. Love Frangipani's, and all the native Australian plants. The long and short, is, W.A. is a fantastic place to live, if you can get over the few 'hates'. Long may it continue.