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Renting with dogs


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Renting at the moment is generally a lot easier in general than it was at the height of the boom.


it tended to be the case that you maybe had to live a bit further out to find someone who would let dogs but that's not the case anymore.


I don't know anyone who has had too much trouble. We have two labs and got the first house we applied for.


There is a member of this forum who just recently moved into the most stunning apartment with the most amazing views of the Indian Ocean right in front off a dog beach, she has a dog and you are allowed two in the apartment.


It is common practice here that aswell as paying your rental bond, you also pay a pet bond normally around the $200/$250 mark.


We Didnt but some people do put dog references eg from a vet, dog sitter/walker and a photo or two in with their rental pack.


Try not to stress it will be fine.


good luck x

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Guest guest10912

I don't have dogs but two cats that are probably bigger than your dogs. :biggrin: I was really scared before we came that it would be hard to find a rental, but it really was not an issue at all.

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In most of the metro area, it's 2 dogs per residence. - It's a council thing.

Apartments usually have a weight limit per dog (our limit was 10kg). - it's a apartment rules thing.

A pet bond is usually required. It's a flat rate, and is stored with your bond outside the rental agents grasp. - that's a government thing.


Actually getting into a place is down to the owner. We agreed to sign up for 18 months to get our dog in (after the agent lied and said it was okay, till we gave them the details of the dog, and they denied the whole thing).

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