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  1. We're in Mandurah too and love it here - maybe we can help for early next year too.
  2. The rental market has eased a lot in Perth now, so yes you could feasibly get a rental in 2-3 weeks, but you will be then tied in to a 6-12 month lease. I would recommend you consider taking a little longer in a short term rental to give you time to look around at the different suburbs and get a feel for where you want to settle, and then find a house that is really going to suit you - because there are some good deals out there to be had now. Good luck!
  3. Hi Thompsons Just getting back into the forum, I seem to have been away a while - and think I can help you, we have a modern 3 bedroom property in ButlerAvailable 28th November to 7 January at $630 per week, this includes utilities. It's fully furnished with everything you will need - let me know if you want more details
  4. Yes Byford is definitely closed permanently, this is the response I received from Dept of Agriculture, when I asked for clarification: Dear Tracey Thank you for your email. I wish to advise that the Byford quarantine facility in Perth has been permanently closed. This closure is due to the ongoing difficulty of managing the high risk posed by bushfires at Byford. In future, all dogs and cats will be imported into Australia through quarantine facilities in eastern Australia, currently in Sydney (Eastern Creek) and Melbourne (Spotswood). I appreciate that this may be a difficult issue for you; however, staff and animal safety are the critical factors that have guided the decision to permanently close the facility. Bushfires are commonplace in Australia and it has been necessary to evacuate staff from Byford in the recent past, in the face of rapidly advancing fires. It has not always been possible to also evacuate the animals held in the facility. Abandoning animals in the face of danger is stressful for staff and it would be catastrophic for owners if their animals were to be affected. To find out more about the quarantine facilities or the new import conditions you can visit our website at: www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/cat-dogs. If you require more information, please contact us on +61 2 6272 4454 during the Australian working hours of 9am to 12:00noon and 1:30pm to 4:30pm (Eastern Daylight Savings Time). Kind Regards Amanda Permit Assessing Officer | Animal Import Operations Branch | Permits, Planning and Performance Phone +61 2 6272 4454| Fax +61 2 6272 3110 Department of Agriculture Animal Division 7 London Circuit, Canberra ACT 2601 Australia GPO Box 858 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia e-mail: animalimports@daff.gov.au | Website:http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/import/live-animals
  5. We used to live the other side of Cooloongup in Careeba Park, Rockingham, and yes it does have a bad reputation, but in comparison to most places in the UK it's not bad at all, we never had a problem. I also have friends who live on Harrington Waters and love it there. Yes if money were no object I would live on the beach side of Read Street. As always I would say come and look for yourself and make your own mind up. Unless you lived in a crime free area in the UK, I think you will be pleasantly surprised! Tracey
  6. Hi yes there is definitely a market for this type of accommodation, and the good news is that the laws have changed recently and you no longer have to rent your Granny flat out just to Granny, but can advertise it to non family members. My best advice would be to price it right and you will have it full permanently! Most people move over and want their own space, but more and more people are coming over on a tight budget, so are looking for an affordable place to stay for the first few weeks/month. Good luck and if you want any help with marketing it give me a shout Tracey
  7. Hi Mike and Steph This question does get asked a lot, and I agree with all the above - not very helpful I know, but it will depend on how you live and budget. I have friends that say they spend $350 per week on groceries alone and couldn't possibly spend any less, I also have friends (and myself) who will spend around $150 per week on groceries and live very well. If you shop around you can get some bargains - ie The Spud Shed is about 1/2 the price of Woolies, and buy home brands instead of having to go for Heinz beans and all the things you are used to. Yes rent is expensive and setting up will cost you a lot of money. If you budget to bring enough money over to see you through the first 6 months renting, and to buy anything you need that you aren't bringing over, then yes you'll be fine (not rich but better to be just OK and have some sunshine I reckon!), even if you don't get a job straight away. I don't know what job you will be doing, but you may find that you are underestimating your pay. I've just come across this salary information that may help you, but do see that there is a big range for each type of employment - http://content.mycareer.com.au/salary-centre though it does show averages. Good Luck!
  8. Hi Mairi I've just sent you a private message Tracey
  9. Hi Mairi, we have just listed a property in Palmyra close to Fremantle, the owner will be travelling so looking for someone to stay for 6 weeks from early/mid December, it may just suit you Oh and it's fully furnished. Tracey
  10. As fifi69 says renting is becoming a lot easier now, with not as much competition for each property. A lot of landlords now see that pets aren't as troublesome as children Oops how many people have I just offended there?! Good luck with your move! Tracey
  11. Yes both and the one that needs replacing will be the one you haven't got a spare of! Oh and they are called globes not bulbs - If you ask in Bunnings for bulbs you'll get directed to the gardening section Tracey
  12. With the trainline running from Mandurah you will be in the City in around 50 minutes, and the freeway now goes from Perth right down to Bunbury. You will find that people do travel longer distances over here as a rule - we would drive 100kms for breakfast - I don't think we would have driven 50 in the UK. Mandurah is lovely, do take your time to find a good area though as there are some places that are not as nice as others - talk to the locals and take your time in getting a longer term rental. Good luck! Tracey
  13. What a great post, I love that you converted it to hours worked, that does put it into perspective. To add to other posts, you should try the Spud Shed if you are near, their meat, fruit and veg is so much cheaper than Woolies or Coles and if you buy whatever is in season, you will save even more and get to try a great variety of food you maybe wouldn't have thought to try before. Also our local IGA regularly discounts bread that still has a couple of days on its date, you can get a loaf that way for 39c or a pack of 4 bagels for $1.20 etc, stick them in the freezer and your'e good for bread all week.
  14. As has been said, most shires will only allow 2 dogs, you have to apply for a permit for any more. I do know of one person that managed to do this in Rockingham, I don't know about other shires. Will the dogs be coming over straight away, or will they be behind you and then in quarantine first. Maybe look at taking a short term rental first, this will give you chance to look at areas, and approach Shires in different areas that may suit you. If you have the permit first you may find it easier to get a rental that will take all 3. Oh and Peppermint Grove is going to be expensive! you may want to look a little further afield and travel. Good Luck Tracey
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