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Advice needed!


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Hi, me and my husband moved here last year on my 457 visa. My husband is a carpenter and everyone always says ' oh you'll find loads of work' but that's just not true! He is currently working building caravans for crappy money and has previously been self employed but with irregular work...... He is such a hardworker and its so frustrating to see him so miserable about work. He has never been out of work in the UK but since coming here he has applied for tons of jobs but never hears back from them, we have amended him resume several times. Nearly all jobs require Australian experience so where do you start to get the experience they require? He has even taken his forklift, EWP, confined spaces, HR tickets to try to improve his chances. It's not that he's trying to get up the mines just a regular job would be fine! Does anyone have any advice for us as its getting to the point where he wants to go back to UK if things don't start looking up! Thanks

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We're sor but to be honest he would go anywhere he is needed. He is open to working away so has applied to Wheatstone and other projects. But as usual they want Australian experience. We are in process of applying for permanent residency as we feel his visa status could be an issue?

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Hi The Browns


Does your hubby still have his ABN? If so, get him to message me; I work for a construction company that specializes in house insurance repairs, and we can always use good carpenters. We sub-let all our work at $40 + GST per hour. Not mega bucks but not bad either. When it's stormy we are flat out with work, can be a bit quiet in summer but we usually keep ticking over.




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