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vic uni skills test

Lee Thorp

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I did it back July. Mate it's piss easy, if you're a carpenter that has worked for any length of time you'll walk it. The guy at the other end it a carpenter, the test is very informal, more of a conversation.

He asks how you'd complete certain tasks, he told me at the start of the test that the more detail I went into, the shorter the test. 20 mins minimum and2 hrs maximum, we were finished in 25 minutes.

I can't remember everything but he asked me about:

Health & Safety

WhereI could find out detail info for a job from (the drawings)

How to fix a traditional hipped roof

How to fix a trussed roof

How I'd lay timber joists and floor boards

How to fix a window frame

How to fix a staircase.

All easy tasks that you no doubt have done. The health and safety questions were about Oz, which I explained I hadn't worked there but I explained how **** works here and then we discussed how some things are different in Oz.


Good Luck

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