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489 visa


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Guest guest9824
thanks Peanut appreciate it- seems only 50 are invited weekly so may be that its not a common visa for people to go for


Hmmm not sure Hopeful, I only know about the dreaded 457 visa, which we came on! Is a 489 a regional one??? Anyway, best of luck that someone comes along to help, or you get your invite soon...



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Hi can anyone tell me what timescales they have experienced waiting for an invite following submission of an EOI for a 489 please?



Hi Hopeful, check the following link for a summary of invite on 21 Oct 2013. There is no summary yet on the last one on 4 Nov and there will be another round on 18 Nov. You could get the invite within 24 hours if you submit you EOI just before the invitation round. Obviously it would also depend on your points score, your profession and the State nomination target and criteria. I submitted for 489 family sponsored (not dependent on state selection criteria) and got the invite within 24 hours. Now I have to get all my documents ready to apply!




Good luck

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Thanks OzPete and well done on your turnaround time that's great hope I can be as lucky when I get to that point. At the moment still ploughing through with skills assessment but am just mindful of the time and I have to be done by April so was wondering if it could be done potentially in a 2/12 timescale as done expect I will be able to place EOI till feb :/ , points score is 60 profession is nursing

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Hopeful, I am afraid I don't know anything specific about nursing or 489 state nomination as I am an accountant and applying under family. But only some engineering and IT professions are caught up in the quota system. As nurses are in demand if you submit your EOI, you,d be picked up for invite in the very next round. There are lots of nurses in this forum who can give precise timelines for the visa from their experience.

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