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WA Schedule 2, all closed? really anxious!


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Hi everyone,


Has anyone received an invitation to submit the 190 application for West Australia and job in schedule 2 (offlist) after Oct 28 2013? I have checked with many people and understood there's no one really received it.


Does that mean WA schedule 2 jobs are all closed/suspended?


WA stated that offshore applicants need to provide an offer letter. Yes I was lucky to have an offer and already sent it to the department. But it still doesn't help!


I'm really anxious as I have a deadline to receive the 190 ss in Feb...


Anyone has any input is appreciated.

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Hi Tata,

Just came across your comment while researching online. WOuld like to know did your PR with WA SS go through? My occupation too is in schedule 2 in WA and I have managed to get a job offer. Its been two months, I have lodged my EOI & applied for WA sponsorship, but I havent recd an invite yet. I have mailed them a couple of times and mentioned that I have a job offer, however each time I have received their standard reply stating their invitation process... Really anxious now...Would appreciate a response from you...Thanks



Whether you have offer letter or not, WA skill select invitation is very difficult to get. (On schedule 2 occupation)

This is based on my experience in 2014. I am working in perth with a 457 sponsorship visa.

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