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  1. Parent migration options

    There are only two real options. The none contributory visa and the expensive contributory. However, the none contributory has a time frame of 30 years, while the contributory has a time frame of two years. In theory, yes they could lodge either on shore and go on a bridging visa. However, there are issues with being on a bridging visa. First, they would not be entitled to full medicare - hence why the none contributory is generally considered a bad idea as they having very limited healthcare for older people is not a good idea. There are other issues as well such as they would never qualify for any state assistance and there UK pensions are frozen at that point.
  2. Over 50 - are we wasting our time?

    There are now no permanent visas available to you. There are some temporary visas such as a 457 sponsored visa which would give you the right to live and work in Oz for up to 4 years, though this visa is about to be abolished and replaced with a new visa and the full regulations for which are not yet known. This requires an employer to sponsor you and to be honest, at your age, would be very hard. It also comes with a number of down sides. You also mention that your youngest child would like to come, but, if they have flown the nest- are independent - then it is unlikely they would be allowed if they are not fully dependent on you.
  3. Regional area advice

    Regional for visa purposes includes Mandurah which is very popular place to live regardless of visa conditions - we are citizens and lived there for 8 years and loved it. It is only 50 minutes by train from the city, so going to Perth for shopping and entertainment is easy, though it has pretty much everything you need. Other options include the south west such as Bunbury which is where many people from Perth go on holiday.
  4. Construction industry

    I am afraid Perth is far from booming.
  5. Just a quick hello....

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Incant help with schools as we don't have children, but lived in the Peel region for 8 years until March 2016, so can help with general questions. The suburbs you have mentioned are all ok, though all different and I would wait to visit before you make your mind up.
  6. Parents Visa

    The none contributory visa is available but currently has a processing time of about 30 years. The effect on pensions is important. You can continue to claim but they are frozen at point of migration - so no more rises. In the long term this can be significant.
  7. Leaving Oz for a holiday

    If you have made the move and are living in Oz, that should qualify you under the substantial ties criteria and you can apply for a RRV which will give you five years of travel.
  8. At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    Making friends is hard and what you have described is not the first time I have read pretty much the same post. We were in WA for eight years and never made friends. Well, not until very near the end, which was ironic. Australians are the same as us in that way in that most of the friends we have we have got to know either at university or even school. So, suddenly finding yourself in a very alien environment is going to be an issue. I can't advise you on what to do, other than to say try to be as objective as possible. Write down the pluses and minuses of your options and let that be a guide.
  9. Pets back from WA to UK

    Pet Air are UK based and so don't do moves Oz to UK, only the other way round.
  10. Nudge in the right direction..

    I am afraid that degrees and lots of technical experience doesn't matter if the occupation isn't on the list. You could though speak to a good agent to see if there is an occupation might fit. Once good agent who helps on the forum regularly is Camilla whose contact details can be found here.
  11. Pets back from WA to UK

    We moved from WA back to the UK last year with our little dog. I would strongly recommend using a specialist pet shipping company as it is complex and lots can happen. For example two days before ours was supposed to fly the airline suddenly announced suspension of all pet flights. But luckily our shippers were able to sort it out and get him on another flight the same day. We used Dogtainers who were excellent. They sent emails with photos during the day and he arrived safe and well. The cost will depend on the size of the crate which depends on the size of the pet. Our little one is a chihuahua and cost just short of $3000 including the rabies jab. But we didn't book till last minute and you may be able to get cheaper by arranging with more time.
  12. Christmas Day lunch.

    Well, the turkey is bought. Having a Rolly Polly (breed) free range. Stuffing made and in the freezer - I make a sausage meat one in advance. Special gravy made and in the freezer which I will add to the turkey juices. Red cabbage made - cooked in cider with spice and apples. Will make sprouts with pancetta and chestnuts, roast spuds, glazed carrots and pigs in blankets. What are you making?
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year John.
  14. Christmas Day lunch.

    Thanks Rossy and merry Christmas to you and your family
  15. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you Ali and to all our members and visitors.
  16. Christmas Day lunch.

    Sounds like you will have a relaxing one Rossy. Mine shouldn't too stressful as I will get most of it done Christmas Eve. Then we tend to spread out the eating during the day - starter about 2pm, main about 3:30 and puds about 6pm. My wife will complain again about the size of the turkey - bought a 6kg one.
  17. Christmas Day lunch.

    Sounds yummy Ali. I think we are having prawn cocktail for start - it's a bit of a tradition. Though thinking about poshing it up a bit by including lobster as the supermarkets all have them very cheap at the moment. Desert will be Christmas pudding.
  18. GPs on 457 apply for PR ASAP

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you Camila
  19. Sadly, not a lot you can do, though it is illegal for you to have had to pay the costs for nomination. You can report them to immigration, but I am not sure you would get money back. Likewise, the agent should not have charged you for this and you can report them to MARA. With regards finding another sponsor, it is a case of applying for jobs from web sites such as and hoping for the best. However, I am not sure how long you will have. Once the department are aware the sponsorship isn't happening your bridging visa will be cancelled. I am guessing you were on a WHV? Has it got any time left on it? Or are you eligible for a second year?
  20. Cost of living -- Sanity Check

    first, rent. Is at least $100 too low per week You have missed buying cars. Factor in that second hand hold there value a lot more. For example, I sold a Hyundai Getz with a few issues for 3k last year. Mobile phones. temp accommodation You will leach cash in the first few months. internet. health insurance for a family may be a fair bit higher in order to qualify for tax purposes I would allow a LOT more for school - you have allowed maybe per child per term.

    what ever you do, do not apply for a visitor visa as this may cancel his pr visa. I am afraid there isn't a lot he can do other than wait, though it might be worth the small fee to get an opinion from a good agent. Search fro New Life Down Under on here and see what Camila thinks.
  22. Advice needed

    You could look at the skilled occupation lists to see if your occupation is on there, but I don't recall anything similar to what you do. Even if it were, it wouldn't save a huge amount. Visa fees are less - just under $4k, but add on skills assessment and ILETS and it soon adds up. You should note that the visa fees are the drop in the ocean in the overall costs.
  23. Advice needed

    Hi and welcome. The first thing are visas. Your kids should be dual citizens, so just need to get their oz passports. You will need a spouse visa. Fairly simple application. Though expensive and will take 12 to 18 months from date of application to process. as for jobs it is hard to say as at the moment Perth is in an economic downturn. but shouldn't be by you move. However, you would not be eligible to work in the oz civil service until a citizen which you can not apply for until you have lived in oz for 4 years.
  24. When to apply for jobs.

    You should also be aware that with 60 points you may have a long wait for an invitation as in the last couple of months no 60 point applications were invited.
  25. State Sponsorship

    it depends on your occupations. Some are easier than others to find.