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  1. verystormy

    Visa system a joke

    Before you cancel the holiday visa, I would check the status of your RRV as the holiday visa may have cancelled the rrv.
  2. verystormy

    Im Looking for a Sponsor!!

    First, are you aware that sponsored visas are usually temporary visas which expect you to return to the UK at the end of it? They also come with a number of issues such as being charged thousands per year for your daughters education. Have you spoken to a good migration agent to see if there are any permanent visa options?
  3. verystormy

    Seeking Advice

    IT potentially does if you are willing to go down the road of a 489 visa. This isn't family sponsored visa which does add more points. However, the big thing to note with it is that it is a provisional visa. So, it would mean complying with the visa conditions for two years before obtaining a permanent visa. My advice would be to speak to a good migration agent to get some grounding on which visa is best for you.
  4. verystormy

    Seeking Advice

    Visas are based on skills, so one of you needs to have a skill that is on the skilled lists. Note, only one of you needs it. However, in order to be deemed to be skilled, the main applicant needs to pass a skills assessment, which is an assessment of formal qualification / training and post qualification experience. So, one of you will need to pass that. The next bit is points. You need to score a minimum of 65 points. Points are awarded for a range of things such as age, qualifications and language. The later is a bit of a funny one, as if British, you don't need to pass a test to prove you have the required English, but, if you want points for it you do. Hence, most people find they have to pass an English exam such as ilets to boost their points as the more points the better. Then, check you pass the other criteria such as age (maximum is 45), health and character. A good starting point is https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au In particular, look at the 189 visa.
  5. verystormy

    Recommended recruitment agencies

    Hays is probably the biggest. For others it depends on what you do.
  6. verystormy

    Recommended recruitment agencies

    All the big agencies that are in the UK also exist in Oz. However, they generally won't look at you until you arrive. We always recommend people budget to arrive and take a minimum of three months to start work and ideally a budget for six minutes months.
  7. verystormy

    Perth situation info wanted Thanks

    The main thing to consider is that there would be far from any certainty you would be allowed to stay in Australia beyond the student visa. So, you would have to assume you would be returning at the end of it. In the mean time you would probably have punched a very big hole in that £50k.
  8. verystormy

    Golf Clubs & Courses

    One of the good things about The Links is that the beach there is one of the best in the area for swimming and has a surf rescue club. The club house is also a popular spot for families and nice to sit and have a bite to eat and a few drinks
  9. verystormy

    Golf Clubs & Courses

    There are a LOT of clubs. If he likes a challenge, then the one that I used to live on is very popular, but known for difficult, The Links, Dawesville. It is a Rolex 1000 club and very pretty as it is boarded by the ocean.
  10. verystormy

    house deposit ?

    You need a deposit of 20% or the bank will require mortgage protection insurance, which is expensive.
  11. verystormy

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I am cooking Sunday lunch - roast chicken, stuffing, roast potatoes, roast parsnip, cauliflower cheese and sprouts. Then will have a pear crumble tonight. What are you cooking?
  12. verystormy

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Thought I would revive this and see what everyone is up to. Today, I making Sunday roast of slow cooked pork shoulder. I made a paste / marinade yesterday of fennel seeds, garlic, pepper, lots of sea salt, parsley and lathered it over and popped in the fridge. It is now 4 hours into its 6 hours cooking. Serving with roast butternut squash, roast potatoes with thyme, roast onions, parsnips and Yorkshire pudding. My wife has made sticky toffee pudding for later - yum. so what are you having today?
  13. verystormy

    Visa system a joke

    You need to be careful about them using holiday visas as the principle is that a person can only hold one visa at any time, so, one visa cancels previous visas. It doesn't always happen with holiday visas and PR, but it can and does. In fairness to the department, they have had their PR for a fair while - more than five years and most countries would have cancelled their PR by now. For example, UK and USA only allow six months out of country before cancelling.
  14. verystormy

    Cost of putting a pool in

    Hi guys. We are in the process of potentially buying a block and building. Question is,mwe have plenty of room but does anyone know roughly the cost of putting a pool in?
  15. verystormy


    So can anywhere. A friend spent a small fortune buying in Peppermint Grove. Moved in to find the house next door is a drug den and eventually woke up with police swarming as there had been a murder. Also had masses of other issues. In eight years in Mandurah we never had a single issue.
  16. verystormy

    Hi! Any primary school teachers?

    First, look at visas as this may not be straight forward. I am not sure if it is on the medium and long term list. If it isn't, then at the moment, you won't get state sponsorship for WA as the state are sponsoring very few occupations now. If it is, then look at 189. Work will be an issue as Australia generally is very oversubscribed with primary teachers.
  17. verystormy

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    Correct. Do allow though two years for processing as like visas, processing citizenship applications has blown out.
  18. verystormy

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    No. At the moment, it is four years of holding a substantive visa, one of which has to be PR. For example, if someone arrived on a working holiday visa and stayed two years, at the end of which was granted a 457/TSS, then one year later gained PR, they would be eligible for citizenship after one year of holding the PR visa providing they meet the resident rules which are that they haven't spent more than 12 months outside of Australia in the last four years and no more than 90 days outside in the 12 months prior to applying (though there are exceptions to this)
  19. verystormy

    Skill Select - EOI Minimum POints now 65

  20. verystormy

    New visa changes! HELP :-0

    I am afraid, I can't see any other points you might be able to get based on that, which isn't going to be enough. But, I would run it past a good agent such as Camilla from New Life Down Under to get a professional opinion.
  21. verystormy

    New visa changes! HELP :-0

    Can you post the breakdown of your points?
  22. verystormy

    Schools in perth with option for ed support

    Have you got visas?
  23. I don't think it is doom and gloom. But it is realistic and maybe your view of the U.K. is overly doom and gloom. We moved back to the UK in 2016 and would say our life is at least as good back in the UK as it was in Oz.