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  1. verystormy

    Merry Christmas

    To you, your family and all. Merry Christmas.
  2. verystormy

    Points advice please :-)

    If you go down the sponsored route, just be very aware of the issues before.
  3. verystormy

    Points advice please :-)

    Go Matilda are excellent. Sponsorship for nurses is certainly possible, but it isn't an option I personally recommend as it is a temp visa and comes with a lot of issues.
  4. verystormy

    Points advice please :-)

    I will address your first and last points together. 90 points "might be enough" but it is hard to say as most visas are suspended and very few invites being given, but for those that are, it is for pandemic required occupations such as nurses. The other option is a 190 visa which is state sponsored and is not a competition like the 189. Again, these were effectively suspended but, there are allowances for nurses. Just one thing with points, if you have included points for English, then this needs to be backed up with an English exam such as ILETS. However, I would strongly recommend using a good registered migration agent. For costs, it does vary on a case by case basis, but, a good guide is to allow about 30k in total. A tip with dogs is to allow plenty of time as it can take as long to get them sorted as yourselves. I recommend using a pet shipper and Pet Air are one of the best.
  5. verystormy

    Subclass 173

    The wait times for this blew out several times and continues to do so. You are within the wait time everyone else is experiencing
  6. verystormy

    Covid 19 Impact

    It is valid for a long time, so it's up to you. Have you checked you meet the other criteria such as you can pass the skills assessment?
  7. verystormy

    Covid 19 Impact

    It is enough for a visa, but it won't get you any points. If you want the points you have to sit the test.
  8. verystormy

    RRV Covid

    All you can do is try.
  9. verystormy

    Melbourne to Perth

    Where would he be working and how long is he happy to commute?
  10. verystormy

    Covid 19 Impact

    The state sponsored visas (190 and 491) are closed, though the 189 is open. However, for a 189 to get an invite it would require 95 points.
  11. verystormy

    IT Desktop Support and Business Analyst roles

    If you mean available for state sponsorship, then no unless you studied there. Though at the moment, state sponsored visas are closed to new applicants anyway.
  12. verystormy

    (re)Applying for 189 Visa

    The RRV would be worth a shot as it is a few hundred dollars. Though they have in more recent times being pretty strict with the criteria of having close ties to Australia. Be aware, if you do have to reapply, it is very different now. For example, to get an invite you will need 95 points.
  13. verystormy


    Unless they have brought in a special regulation since Covid that I a not aware of, then correct. Though, in the event of an emergency, I would be confident that would be waived.
  14. verystormy


    No. Not until you register
  15. verystormy

    Secret Harbour?

    Have you got your visas and if so, what category?
  16. verystormy

    Parent Visas

    I personally know many people who have used the company and are extremely happy. Hence, why I am prepared to recommend them. Yes, some people do visas themselves, which is contrary to the advice of the department. Personally, I think that is unwise. Australia makes (in a normal year) about 4000 changes to law and regulations regarding immigration. It publishes about 100 of those. The rest are only briefed to agents. At the current time it is far more complex. For example, the 190 and 491 are effectively closed as the states have not been given any allocation, this was only known to agents until a day ago.
  17. Sponsorship isn’t the best way forward as it is generally only a temporary visa which comes with lots of issues, such as lose your job for any reason, you lose the visa. You are better to look at permanent visas. Also, temporary visas generally can not enter Australia at the moment and that is likely to continue for some time.
  18. verystormy

    Parent Visas

    This is the website for Camilla who is well regarded and helps on the forum http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au You need to be aware though that while the contributory visa is the best option, it still is not quick. Likely timeframe is 8 years and for two parents is in the area of $120,000.
  19. verystormy

    Migration wannabe

    I wouldn’t use that agent. That is as strong as I can say online. Do so at your peril. Don’t forget, if it goes all wrong, not only will it cost you thousands, but potentially even a ban on reapplying
  20. verystormy

    Migration wannabe

    The first thing I would say is do not speak to anyone that is not themselves a registered migration agent. The firm you are using have one director that is and that is all. Personally, I would avoid The process is complex but as a rough guide: Check is occupation is on one of the lists and if so which list. That determines if it is even possible and if so, which visa. An occupation on the long term list is eligible for a 189 visa. Occupations only on the short term are not but may be eligible for 190 or 491 visas. Calculate points. You need a minimum of 65. However, a 189 is a competition and nobody has received an invite for a 189 with less than 90 for a long time If going for a 190 or 491, check if any states are sponsoring that occupation and any special conditions the state is requiring If you are satisfied you have the points and a means to apply, then obtain a skills assessment Most people find that to help points they need to sit an English language exam such as ILETS. This does need revision and preparation before sitting Once you have the above, lodge an expression of interest. Wait to be invited and when invited apply. In the mean time, save money like mad. This is an expensive process.
  21. verystormy

    Advice needed re: exemption list

    There are exemptions for couples, however, they aren’t easy, particularly for temporary visa holders. I would speak to a good registered migration agent. I would say the chance of an air bridge is zero given that cases in the U.K. are rising again, at least in England
  22. verystormy

    189 PR Expirying - RRV

    Well, I would attempt an RRV first as the cost difference is huge. But, yes, if you still meet the criteria then you can reapply. Note though, things have changed a lot since you last applied. The age limit has reduced and the minimum points gone up. Also, just getting minimum points now will not get a visa. The minimum now needed to get a 189 invite is 90 points
  23. verystormy

    189 PR Expirying - RRV

    Camilla at http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au
  24. verystormy

    Hello Very Stormy and Rossy

    Hi Camilla Good to hear you are safe and well. Can’t say I have been busy as such, as I was furloughed back in March. Though trying to keep busy with other stuff like helping my wife with the garden. She is growing masses of vegetables this year. Also, we “think” we had the virus at one point. We didn’t have the typical cough and fever, so didn’t get tested, but now they have increased the symptoms known, it seems we might have. I started with a bad taste in my mouth - like blood, that overpowered everything. Then, woke up one morning with an incredible headache and sore throat. Never felt anything like it before and I literally couldn’t get up. That lasted a week. Then, severe stomach upset. Probably should have connected the dots more, as 4 days earlier, I had to go to hospital for something else and that hospital is a major COVID treatment centre. But, on the mend now. Here in Scotland, we are very much still in lockdown. The only real easing is we can now drive up to 5 miles for our daily exercise. Though it is amazing how business has adapted. For example, my local pub which was famous for its Sunday lunches, now delivers them and even delivers hand pulled pints of beer. I think it will be a long time though before they open. Keep safe and keep well. Chris
  25. verystormy

    Hello Very Stormy and Rossy