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Living In Kallaroo looking to meet new families!


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Hi All


We have not long moved to Kallaroo and are hoping to meet some new friends. I am 29, hubby 31 and our son is 5 and daughter 3. They both start Springfield school next week.


We moved from the UK in July, but have previously been here on temporary basis a few years ago. Our son is still really missing all of his friends and would love to make some new ones.


If any one lives locally we could maybe catch up during the week, our daughter will only be at Kindy a few days or we can meet as a family at the wknd.




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Hi Christine & Lozzachino!


We are in Hillary's, which I believe is close by...have been here for 2 months & really liking the suburb. I'm 32, partner 40 & we have a 9 year old son, if your boy is anything like mine was at 5, he will just love chasing around a 'big boy'!


I am free to meet during the week at the moment or weekends, whichever suits you.


look forward to hearing from you soon :)

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Hi Marie21


Thanks for your message, yes your right he loved following our old neighbours son he was 11.


I am free on thurs mornng for a few hours could maybe meet at the mall for a coffee, or think i saw a nice cafe next to the Mullaloo IGA. If you are free?


If not we always have some spare time at the wknds just pm me.



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