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Plug Adapter uk-Au


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Hi All,


I have been looking online for a UK to Australia adapter but am confused as some seem to have 2 pins and others 3! What is the norm? I thought Oz plugs were 3-pin like UK but slanted instead of straight? What's with the 2-pin plugs?? Also, if we just get a couple of adaptors am I right in thinking that we can plug a UK extension lead into them and run our UK appliances off that. It would save any bother changing plugs on appliances as we are only staying 1 year. Is it safe enough to do it this way?

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I'm not an electrician, but my understanding is this - Devices that aren't earthed (lamps and the like) may only have a two pin plug as there's no need for the third.

I'd say go for an earthed adaptor though, then if whatever you plug in is meant to be earthed, it will be.

Voltage/frequency is much the same as the UK, but whereas maximum current in UK is 13amps the Aussie sockets are rated to 10amps. Never had a problem with anything I've plugged in and I can't imagine there's too many appliances out there that draw over 10amps.

Watch for things you can't change the plugs on (any chargers/adaptors e.g. mobile phones) and yes, you can work around that by having some UK 4-way mains strips and swap the plug for an Aussie one. You can buy those plugs at Bunnings (they have stores everywhere) for a few dollars. I have heard it's illegal for anyone other than a qualified electrician to swap a plug, but I've not looked into it.

We had adaptors on a few things for a while - until each one got on our nerves and I got round to changing the plugs.

If you have things that have what I call a "kettle lead" like this


Then the same fitting is used in Australia. So you can either swap the UK plug for an Aussie one or just replace the whole lead.

The same goes for these one


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I have heard it's illegal for anyone other than a qualified electrician to swap a plug, but I've not looked into it.

Think it's okay to change anything from the socket out.


But changing a socket / wiring is a sparky job.


And a good thing too after I electrocuted myself the other day swapping a 2 socket for a 5 socket in the kitchen.


I now know what my last words will be ..

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