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  1. News article on it today https://www.sbs.com.au/news/demand-for-australian-citizenship-at-record-high It mentions they may look at extending the PR requirement to 4 years. I thought it was that long anyway.
  2. I think they justify it because, well, there's no competition. And yes to a long wait for the ceremony.
  3. 18 months would sound about right. Found out the hard way when had to also shell out for Resident Return Visas when leaving the country for a holiday. grrrr.
  4. phil

    Advice on what to ship?

    Check out Harvey Norman and the Good Guys as they sell TV's, washing machines etc. You'll get an idea of the cost to buy new ones. For our shipping we were only bringing around half a container and paying for volume. So by the time we did the maths on buying new units versus paying for, and waiting X months for, old stuff we decided to not bring white goods. Your maths/situation may differ. Also throw in that should your white goods need repair/service you may find it difficult to get that done. And if anything breaks you may find warranty claims a challenge. That said, your washer and TV should work fine with a change of mains plug (there's some fluff written about only licensed electricians being allowed to change plugs, I'm not sure how true that is, I could never find a clear answer). But if you're bringing anything with a UK plug, also bring some of those 4-way strips (then you just have to change one plug et voila, 4 UK-plugged items have power). Your TV will likely have a setting in its setup menus to switch it to Australia. But unless it's a very old TV it'll pick up channels just fine. If you'll be plugging it in to Foxtel or some other Set Top Box that may not be a concern Our mover was very clear that we had to be meticulous with bikes and their tyres. Like, make sure there is not a single spot of dirt anywhere. So we were. No hassle with stuff getting through (other than how long it took).
  5. phil

    Completing Form 40CH (child visa) help!

    I may be mis-reading it, but he's a citizen already if born here to PR parents. At least, my boy is.
  6. phil

    Renewal of UK driving licence??

    I just let mine lapse. No need for it now. Like you say, your Aussie one entitles you to drive when visiting the UK. Another way of looking at it is that the UK government had enough money out of me over the years, I ain't giving them any more to renew a driving licence I won't need.
  7. phil

    Scarborough face lift

    There's still quite a lot of fenced-off area between the skate park and the swimming pool. But the whale playground, skate park and pool are all open. The surf club and function room building look nearly done too. Outside Dome is still a favourite for bikers to sit and ridiculously rev their unnecessarily-noisy machines though. It'll be lovely when it's all done.
  8. phil

    Agencies for IT Jobs

    Some of the agencies will only deal with you if you're already onshore, so be prepared for that. That said, I've seen a few GIS roles floating around over the last couple of months. I'd say have a look on seek.com.au, filter down to the relevant roles/areas/salaries and check it each day for a couple of weeks. You'll work out which agencies are the best ones to contact.
  9. phil

    Extra luggage

    It's worth double-checking with the airlines and getting their policy in writing. I've heard of folk who've been told one thing on the phone only to find another thing when they've gone to check in. Out emigration flight was with Singapore, for the reason nikkiwd's posted. At the time to get the same amount of baggage with Qantas would have doubled the flight cost. But then that was a while ago, so definitely check. The wording of the Singapore policy at the time was that you get the extra allowance if you've an unvalidated permanent visa with the paper stamp in the passport (which was free to get at the time). But I've also read that they weren't that fussed about the paper bit in the passport. For piece of mind, we got it in there though. And it's actually been a useful thing when having to demonstrate visa status for employers etc.
  10. phil

    Tesco Sainsbury Asda

    They might not have publicly committed to it and it's probably not a very well kept secret, but they'll be in WA pretty soon.....
  11. I had it in my Calendar and everything. But then justfaffing made an appointment for us to see a mortgage lady. So we went and did that. Would have been interesting to attend as I've got to play around with some funds soon. Will keep an eye out for another event. Especially if just social. Heck, I might even buy Bibbs a cider.
  12. phil

    Plug Adapter uk-Au

  13. phil

    Plug Adapter uk-Au

    I'm not an electrician, but my understanding is this - Devices that aren't earthed (lamps and the like) may only have a two pin plug as there's no need for the third. I'd say go for an earthed adaptor though, then if whatever you plug in is meant to be earthed, it will be. Voltage/frequency is much the same as the UK, but whereas maximum current in UK is 13amps the Aussie sockets are rated to 10amps. Never had a problem with anything I've plugged in and I can't imagine there's too many appliances out there that draw over 10amps. Watch for things you can't change the plugs on (any chargers/adaptors e.g. mobile phones) and yes, you can work around that by having some UK 4-way mains strips and swap the plug for an Aussie one. You can buy those plugs at Bunnings (they have stores everywhere) for a few dollars. I have heard it's illegal for anyone other than a qualified electrician to swap a plug, but I've not looked into it. We had adaptors on a few things for a while - until each one got on our nerves and I got round to changing the plugs. If you have things that have what I call a "kettle lead" like this Then the same fitting is used in Australia. So you can either swap the UK plug for an Aussie one or just replace the whole lead. The same goes for these one
  14. phil

    Bed size like uk?

    There's a comparison chart at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bed_size There are only small differences. Yep. One tip for things like mobile phone chargers/other transformers that you can't change the plug on - bring a few of those 4-way mains strip adaptors. Change the plug on that to Aussie, and your chargers will work in the 4-way.