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Heating Engineer moving to Perth This Year, Help Please???


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Evening Folks,


Me and my family are embarking on making the move across to Perth by the end of this year, Luckily for me my wife is a Aussie so I’m coming across on the Spouse Visa, But after around 2 years keeping tabs on the plumbing/gas market in terms of training and jobs is still have questions un-answered,


question 1, i don’t hold any formal "plumbing qualifications" but have my apprenticeship NVQ 3 in Gas with unvented water, water reg's and a lot of other qualifications like energy efficiency etc, will i be accepted for the Migrants Plumbing course?


I spoke to a lecturer at TAFE in 2012 and he said i would just need evidence on what plumbing work i have carried out over the last 4 years etc, and even though i have no drainage experience he said that wasn’t a problem, But i recently sent my qualys to Tafe and the Girl dealing with my email states i probably won’t be accepted without a formal plumbing qualy but i could do a portfolio of all my work and get references they can check and I’ll be booked in for the Hand Skills Test,


question 2, i can easily get enough evidence(except outside drainage) am sure but what i don’t want to do is get accepted then sit in a class not having a clue what the lecturer is talking about, or is the Plumbing course a bit like a crash course to bring you up to speed with regs etc?


i do a lot of heating work and renovations to bathrooms/kitchen etc but it’s really take out existing and replace with new and a little bit of new drainage/pipework.


question 3, I have been offered a course Level 2 Diploma in plumbing here that will give me a City & Guilds Level 2 but its 5-6 weeks onsite training at £2.5k would it be worthwhile me just doing this and satisfying TAFE or the portfolio


Sorry for the long winded questions but if anyway has any info and has been in a similar situation and can advise it would be a welcome help


Thanks In advance


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