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Newbie Question re: Sponsorship

Guest Lala

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Hey Y'all from UK :wacko:


Is personal sponsorship via a close Australian (professional) relative still viable (it used to be years ago....) and if so, how would one go about this ?

I am 46, Hubby 51.

Have worked past 8 years as an Administrator within Prison (Correctional) Services - which is not on any states skills list - even though I am a Civil Servant.

My husband is the one who has the HGV and trucking skills but is he too old to gain sponsorship anywhere ?

(Seems 50 years old is max)

Anyone know any different ?



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I'd probably start by having a look at the visa finder tool at http://www.immi.gov.au/Work/Pages/Work.aspx


The only visa I'm aware of which has the 'sponsored by an eligible relative' element (aside from visas like parent, aged dependent, last remaining relative, child etc) is the 489 skilled regional visa, however that's only available to people 'not yet turned 50 years of age'.


In terms of general visas, I don't think there's an upper age limit for 457 visas, but they are of course temporary, are harder to obtain following last years clampdown on them and I don't think there'd be any obvious pathway to permanent residency if the visa holder is over 50.


As Ali said, an initial consult with a migration agent (preferably one who's registered) would be the way to go. Many agents don't charge for an initial consult. I'm sure the members would be happy to assist if you need recommendations for a good agent.

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