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    Renovating... help!!

    Do you get the little aussie directory for your area? Worth looking in there, local tradesmen and sometimes offer a discount.
  2. Other than holiday lets, it can be difficult unless a private rental as most agents want you to have viewed the property. It is worth contacting agents directly as they may have some landlords willing to lease this way.
  3. What were the replies when you enquired? ETA - you could enquire with the Australian College of midwifes www.midwives.org.au/overseas-midwives
  4. You may just need to bite the bullet and apply for registration when eligible. Will you be qualified when you do the internship and not registered with NMC
  5. Once you get your registration you will be able to apply. There will be nothing to stop you moving once your training is complete and you have your registration. I can't say how easy it will be getting a job as a graduate - look at the hospitals that have maternity care. king Edwards is the largest, also private hospitals like St. John of God offer maternity. What is your specific question that you can't find on their website? As someone who has undertaken an international course you need to use form AFOS-40 that page will also direct you to the nursing and midwifery board core registration standards that have to be met. You can't apply for provisional registration as an overseas nurse
  6. ali

    Need a London house sit this Xmas 2019/2020

    Hi, I've removed your phone number - much safer that people respond by PM. You might also wish to change your username so you don't get heaps of unsolicited spam.
  7. ali

    Teaching jobs

    Not many schools actually teach French and German - the majority will offer an Asian language such as Japanese and Chinese. My daughters school did teach French and I know some schools teach Italian. UWA was the only University a few years ago that offered French. Have a look at seek.com for jobs to give you an idea of what's out there.
  8. ali

    VOTING - anyone a Citizen and voting?

    We're having the same dilemma - we will vote (to avoid the fine) but not sure who for
  9. ali

    Evidence of purchases

    Never heard of having to do this … are you sure it's needed?
  10. ali

    Planning To Sell My Old Car

    Hadn't seen your post, but thanks for the update as I was able to edit the links.
  11. ali

    Diagnostic started in UK prior arrival

    That's great news
  12. ali

    Hi everyone!!

    Hi, welcome to the forum
  13. Great news - schools are pretty easy to register for once you're here with quick starts.
  14. ali


    Do you have a British Passport? Do you vote? (which would suggest you are a citizen). A quick google of 'how do I check if I have British citizenship by decent' - took me www.gov.uk website. It may be worth exploring that and i'm sure they will be able to point you in the right direction.
  15. ali

    Thai airways

    Not flown Thai for a number of years - there are some recent reviews on trip adviser
  16. I remember doing our test - I swotted and hubby just rolled with it and read the book once lol-
  17. ali

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    In what way is your agent not being useful? You may be right about the transition scheme as you have to have been working full time. Has your employer done the nomination? Do they have a permanent position for you? Do you need a skills assessment? Bridging visas are usually given at the point of a visa coming to an end and you having made a visa application for another visa. i haven't heard of difficulties getting the bridging visa from people who've posted on the boards but you have to check the travel rights etc., (and maybe apply for a different bridging visa than the one given).
  18. Personally, I would tend to not work near to where I lived - partly to help the work life balance and home/work separate. I do wonder if some of the GP turnover is due to temporary visa's, but also in the suburbs I work, you do get some GP's leaving one practise and going with another. I would think about the area's you might want to live (as you've already done), then look at what you feel is an acceptable commutable distance. When we first moved, I had to go back to working on the wards and as it also entailed nights, I didn't want to travel more than 30 min - like you, I wanted to spend more time at home with the family and travelling over an hour each way to work didn't float my boat lol. If you can narrow down some area's - then i'd just google GP practices in those areas and send out a few exploratory emails - when we were making the move I did find a lot of people very generous with their time in pointing me in the right direction. If you're using a migration agent - make sure their MARA registered. I look forward to hearing more about your journey. We certainly feel the move has been worth it (12 years have gone very quickly), we feel very much at home and content. My daughter (now 24) comments a lot about being thankful she had her teenage years here. Perth can get a bit of a slating for being isolated, boring and nothing for young adults to do … we've found none of that and my two have always found things to do.
  19. I work in health care as a MH nurse. Whilst I feel that I have a better work life balance (perhaps because the children are now young adults), I do work 40 hours a week. My husband is a broadcasting engineer and works similar hours plus on call. Even though we do sometimes bring work home, we do feel more relaxed here .. but there is a daily grind that irrespective of where you're living you'll encounter. Realistically, it's hard to re-establish yourselves in new jobs/careers but the initial efforts IMHO are well worth it. My daughter graduated with her masters in education last year, there are few permanent teaching contracts - she was employed for 6 months last year and they offered her a years contract for this year. It's possible that you may initially have to settle for short term or casual contracts. You will need to look into what's required for registration, but I know that you need to have the equivalent of a 4 year degree. I'm not sure how GP's work- if you work for a practice or buy into a practice as a partner? I've noticed with the GP surgeries we deal with, some seem to have a very static bunch of Dr's whilst other (usually the larger ones) seem to change quite frequently. I updated a GP list last week that I'd done last year and one practice didn't have one Dr they had the year before. He may have to look at full time initially to get his foot in the door and then reduce to part time. Your chosen areas of Freo and the Hills are two of the more expensive suburbs. Cars don't depreciate the same here and 2nd hand are more expensive than in the UK. I know smart salary do leasing schemes for cars (I'm a public employee so have access to that .. not sure about private practice), but there is a penalty for ending the lease early. As we both work full time, we've been very lucky to have a number of overseas holidays (my hubby loves the fact the young adults no longer want to come with us and keeps saying that everything is half price lol), travel interstate can be expensive. We did bring all our furniture over as the cost of replacing everything new would have been far more expensive than the cost of the container. It also allowed us the luxury of finding out the bargains and buying when something needed replacing rather than impulse buys because we needed something right away. it's great to get all the information you can in order to start the process. Perhaps your husband can enquire if surgeries are sponsoring? (some are managed by large companies like St. John of God). ETA - you can do a virtual shop on Woolworths or Coles websites and look at properties on realestate.com.au for ideas of rent prices.
  20. ali

    Contributory parent visa

    It may be worth having a chat to George Lombard (Registered Agent), I think he has some expertise regarding medical issues and visa's.
  21. I don't know much about GP practises and if you can work part time - you may struggle if you're both only working part time to buy/run two cars. I would say when thinking of suburbs is to look at where your jobs are firstly - no good living in Rockingham and getting a job in Joondalup unless you like a long commute. You'll be looking at quite a few thousand for the visa alone, then medicals and also flights, shipping fees, at least 10,000 GPB (low estimate) which doesn't include first months rent, bond etc.,
  22. Not quite sure what you're asking @Medway
  23. ali

    Sending boxes from UK to WA

    I've heard move cube are pretty good.
  24. ali

    Making Friends & Clients

    Hi and welcome to the forum. If you check our guidelines, it will give you our business rules regarding advertising your business (you are allowed to do this in your signature .. quoting your ABN is also a good idea).
  25. ali

    January - Good time to move?

    Albeit a long time ago now (12 years), we made the move in January. Our reasons were very much around new year new start, enjoying a last Christmas with the rellies and making the leap soon after. Additionally (and more importantly) our daughter 11 at the time was in year 7 and had started high school in the UK, but at the time, year 7 in WA was the last year of primary school and we wanted her to have a complete year of finding her feet before going to high school (again). Can't comment about the rental situation (although i'm sure you'd get fixed up), if you're looking at a holiday rent initially - book in advance