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    Making Friends & Clients

    Hi and welcome to the forum. If you check our guidelines, it will give you our business rules regarding advertising your business (you are allowed to do this in your signature .. quoting your ABN is also a good idea).
  2. ali

    January - Good time to move?

    Albeit a long time ago now (12 years), we made the move in January. Our reasons were very much around new year new start, enjoying a last Christmas with the rellies and making the leap soon after. Additionally (and more importantly) our daughter 11 at the time was in year 7 and had started high school in the UK, but at the time, year 7 in WA was the last year of primary school and we wanted her to have a complete year of finding her feet before going to high school (again). Can't comment about the rental situation (although i'm sure you'd get fixed up), if you're looking at a holiday rent initially - book in advance
  3. ali

    Job availability Perth

    I think a lot of people make the move anticipating that they won't find work right away. Sometimes, it's knocking on doors with your CV too. From my experience in nursing, a lot of UK applicants don't get past the shortlisting as they don't address the selection criteria well enough. Migrating is such a massive step to undertake and really does need a great deal of thought. I'm not sure about the 'aussie dream' .. I don't think we were influenced by anything other than having a holiday here and my hubby saying "I think I could live in Australia" and 18 months later - we were here lol. I do I think it's natural to have cold feet (or is it just being realistic?), - it wasn't until we got our visa that I actually thought that it was going to happen and sat on the plane I remember thinking "oh my god, this is it - we're leaving'. I think you have to think of the what if's and how you'll cope with that.
  4. ali

    Job availability Perth

    The best place to look for jobs would be seek.com - it will give you an idea on what's available. It's more attractive to employers to have your visa in hand.
  5. ali

    Diagnostic started in UK prior arrival

    To the OP, in your case, I would ask your GP if they can summarise the test they have done and the results (you may need to pay). The GP here will probably conduct their own blood tests but at least they will have a set of results to compare it to. They may refer your daughter to the children's hospital. Generally, all children are bulk billed, even if the GP practise is private. Some bloods tests are not covered by Medicare but the most common ones are.
  6. ali

    Documents/evidence for Partner Visa

    If an RMA has told you that you only need 3 years, then they will be far more knowledgeable about the requirements than us amateurs on the forum. Have the agents just responded to your general questions on the forums or have you sought actual advise and discussed your case in detail with them? More than once the RMA's on our sister site will say it is difficult to offer advice with just general information without knowing complexities of a case. The will give general advice on a forum, but you will need to pay them in order for them to look at your case particularly. I think Aussie bird, that you're trying to get information for the same question from so many different sources that that you are confusing yourself. Remember, the immigration laws change constantly and the RMA's will have updates long before us.
  7. ali

    i miss lemon n lime bitters

    Asda sell Angostura Bitters
  8. What wonderful news Charlene - Congratulations
  9. ali


    I guess the question to ask is what make you leave Australia to go back to the UK and will those reasons crop up again when you're there? If you feel that you want to delay due to the potential health difficulties of aged parents - then you may find that when the time comes to make the move again - you/your husband will be of an age where it's difficult to find work. The children older and don't want to move as a family etc.,
  10. Would you have arrival stamps for the other countries you've visited?
  11. ali

    i miss lemon n lime bitters

    by some bitters and use sprite (if they have it) - that's what they made me in Canada
  12. ali

    Documents/evidence for Partner Visa

    I think it's a good idea to pace yourself rather than get into a panic. I don't know if they will still have all your evidence on file (don't know how long they are obligated to keep them for), but certainly they'll have evidence that they granted your hubby a visa. I wouldn't overload the application with too many photo's … don't know how long you've been together, but perhaps one from each year?
  13. ali

    Documents/evidence for Partner Visa

    You're in the position of having applied and been granted before so at somewhat of an advantage I think. Perhaps your hubby could carry some of the load as your head is spinning (it's his visa after all lol). I don't think it's changed other than if the copies are colour i'm not sure if they have to be certified. I don't know about the limit for documents - my visa (independent skilled) was applied for in 2006 and a paper one
  14. ali

    Perth employment rate

    Not sure about the cities paying more as there's no particularly weighting here like in London for example. My thoughts would be that you might attract more 'country' but I don't know that for sure.
  15. ali

    Documents/evidence for Partner Visa

    What did you include the last time he applied for the partner visa?
  16. ali

    2nd Partner Visa 309/100 application

    Did the agent you spoke to offer any advise? I believe that there are some changes coming to partner visa's (don't know if they are near to being implemented) in that the sponsor has to be approved.
  17. ali

    Losing permanent residency?

    Hi Aussie bird, Are you the same Aussiebird who is on our sister site Poms in Oz? If not, it might be worth looking at the responses to the same question, which advises to speak to a Registered Migration Agent.
  18. ali

    Looking to move over

    That is why I would apply now - ANMAC and AHPRA (for your wife) are both things that can take a few months. (I assume your wife is degree trained), and particularly in health there aren't as many jobs going around as there once was. ETA - one of the agents on our sister site - commented to a member that if you're eligible now - you should start the process. The rules are changing all the time, jobs disappear off the list and the points needed has increased. Re nursing e.g. - you could register with AHPRA being diploma trained a few years ago - now you have to have a degree.
  19. ali

    Looking to move over

    I think it's hard to predict what the job situation will be like - my advice would be to apply for visa's if you're eligible now as you never know when jobs are removed from lists.
  20. ali

    Midwifery Jobs

    Personally, if you are able to get PR then that is the best option. Temporary visa's require job offers. I know my own service (I work in MH) gives preference to PR and Citizens for jobs and they don't offer sponsorship. Your wife will need to look at having the skills assessment (for visa purposes) by ANMAC and also register with AHPRA. You can do both simultaneously, or apply for either first. With AHPRA (registering body), once you have your letter to say that you are registered in principle - you then have 3 months to present in person to finalise this and become registered. If you have AHPRA registration, you can apply for a modified skills assessment with ANMAC
  21. ali


    No, you can't become apply for PR as the threshold for that is 45
  22. ali


    Hi Daryl, My understanding is that there isn't an age limit for sponsorship on a temporary visa