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  1. Commutable Suburbs

    Again, it's probably personal choice - a lot of people would probably mention Armadale - yet there are some nice parts of it, they have a great shopping centre and the shire is always putting on events - Harrisdale and Piara Waters are large new estates on the outskirts of Armadale and fall under that shire. I think you have to look and get a feel for whichever suburb.
  2. adopted children

    You'd probably be best speaking to a registered migration agent. I don't know the answer but the problem would be if the tourist visa ran out before they'd got visa's - schooling (and cost) and potential childcare costs for non resident children. The cost I would imagine would still be the same for the visa - I don't know long one can study on a 12 month tourist visa (if at all), often off shore applications for other visa's seem to be quicker than on shore.
  3. Commutable Suburbs

    There are quite a lot - are you looking for an older suburb, new houses? I think it's really difficult to recommend as everyone is a little different in what they're looking for.
  4. Construction industry

    I did hear on the radio that there was cautious optimism that things were starting to pick up - I'm sure people looking to migrate understand that there isn't as many jobs available at the moment.
  5. Muddled

    Do you have any more children?
  6. Pipe Welder Opportunities

    I remember prior to our moving the only suburbs we'd heard about were Joondalup and Secret Harbour from the forums (high concentration of brits there) .. we stumbled on Leeming by chance and have been here 11 years.
  7. Parent visa query

    It may be worth chatting to an agent regarding strategies (Camilla at New Life Down Under is a regular contributor to the forum). I know there have been some changes to the income of the assurers of support.
  8. Pipe Welder Opportunities

    I'm in Leeming - which won't be everyone's cup of tea as it's an older suburb. We are getting more new builds as people buy houses and build on the land. Our nearest station is Murdoch. We're about 20 mins from Fremantle and beaches .. we joke that we're pretty much 20 mins from most places we want to go (only about 25 mins to the airport). Transport links in this area to the city are good - my daughter would catch the train/bus to Uni. We have a local shopping forum with a small grocery store (that's open until 10pm), hairdressers, chinese restaurant and takaways. The bigger supermarkets - coles/Woolies are a 10-15 min drive depending which one you go to. College wise depends what course you do. My youngest has decided not to go to Uni and is at TAFE at Murdoch (so he cycles there). If you go on transperth website you can put in a journey and it will tell you how to get there e.g. bus/train/walk and the approx. time it takes
  9. Pipe Welder Opportunities

    We've been here 11 years and luckily both had jobs to come to before we left the UK. We moved at the beginning of Jan so that the kids could start the full school year. We live SOR - it's an ideal location for us - we're within walking distance of a train station and in the city within 15 mins.
  10. Resident Return Visa question again

    They will need RRV's - I've read somewhere that if you get a tourist visa it would cancel your PR visa.
  11. Two years in and the Unthinkable happened!!

    So sorry to hear about your wifes illness - sending best wishes for her recovery.
  12. Migration with multiple sclerosis

    TBH, I don't see the point of them doing a medical now - the panel Dr is not able to say if they would/wouldn't be able to pass the medical, they perform it and send it off - if there is anything on there it is referred on - at that point there may be requests for more information. EG - a friend was requested to see a cardiologist for a report due to high blood pressure, and I know of someone who has to see a psychiatrist due to having disclosed previous MH issues (they both got visa's). Do your parents pass the balance of family test?
  13. Pipe Welder Opportunities

    The school summer holidays are December to the beginning of Feb. All half terms are 2 weeks.
  14. Pipe Welder Opportunities

    He's a broadcasting Engineer
  15. Pipe Welder Opportunities

    Hi and welcome .. sorry can't help on the job front. You may find that your husband would not be located in one particular area .. my husbands job (not the same trade) takes him from Yanchep to Dunsborough
  16. Migration with multiple sclerosis

    You would be best contacting a registered migration agent. The government offices do not give visa advise (and when they do it's often inaccurate).
  17. Not a lot of sponsorship about that I know of, jobs tend to give preference to PR holders and citizens. I know my work haven't offered sponsorship for some time. You may get sponsorship for country
  18. Migration with multiple sclerosis

    I think your mothers condition could have potential not gaining a visa so my advise would be to speak to an agent. George Lombard and Richard Gregan both have experience in dealing with medical conditions. Should they think that your mum would get a visa it's then decided which one to go on. Generally, as a sponsor you would have to be settled in Aus on a PR visa (at least) .. settled generally means about 2 years. Your parents would also have to meet the balance of family test. There are members on her who have applied for the various parent visa's and I'm sure they will be able to offer you some advice regarding those specifically.
  19. Where are you thinking of area wise?
  20. We did it for 3 months - we were able to negotiate the price due to it being longer than a holiday let. The downside is that you can't do anything to the house and do feel that you're using other peoples stuff, our kids were young and we were "be careful with that" lol
  21. Area Advise, things to do

    I would have said Adventure world - but that closes late April and reopens in September
  22. Area Advise, things to do

    When are you doing your reccee? some things close during winter.
  23. Wow, Perth-London direct come Mar '18!

    I've done Sydney to Dallas at over 15 hours .. hated it, so can't see me doing the 17 hour one.
  24. Hello!

    Good Luck - hopefully we'll be welcoming you back to Perth soon
  25. Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405)

    It might be worth checking with a registered migration agent. I read it that you have no children dependent on you (so if they're adult they won't count). I don't know about this visa, but most other applications ask you to name non migrating family members. If a child e.g. is of dependent age but doesn't live with you, then this may be an issue is the parent who cares for them is no longer able to do so. You shouldn't willfully omit any information asked for in an application as this would then be fraudulent I would get some advice if you have a dependent age child who doesn't live with you - to make sure.