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    over 65 & bridging visa

    Do be cautious, as VS says yes it's possible, however, it's only recently that an old lady on a bridging visa in a nursing home was going to be deported back to the UK as she didn't pass the medical and therefore the visa wouldn't be granted.
  2. ali

    RRV visa issue

    Hi, I'm guessing the problem you're having is being able to prove the substantial ties to Aus. Have you asked the agency if they can re-write the letter to prove that you have a firm job offer (perhaps mentioning the name of the company). RRV's are taking a considerable amount of time for those who have not met the residency requirements. Did your family validate their visa's? If not then those will have expired and they would need to apply for new visa's also (rather than RRV's).
  3. ali

    Shipping white goods

    I love how during the summer you put out a load and it's dry by the time you're putting out the second. We use our dryer a lot in winter
  4. Good luck Sharon. I think it will be down to the Uni's if they accept the qualifications against prior learning - it may be that they have to be against specific units. I know when my son did a cert IV - they looked at the units he'd done at High school in the related subject and he didn't have to do those particular units again and got a refund against them.
  5. ali

    Shipping white goods

    Only daft question is the one that doesn't get asked lol. We brought both our washing machine and tumble dryer. We did use it in the winter months
  6. Hi @flaspur - welcome to the forum This is an old thread from 2018. would be great to hear though of your own migration journey
  7. ali

    are folks still emigrating ?

    I think it's probably the whole of Aus but WA has been hit a little worse because of the mines.
  8. ali

    are folks still emigrating ?

    I think the other issue is that it seems much harder now to get a visa - we read that a visa eligibility is e.g. 65 points when the reality is that as it's a competition, you don't get an invite if you've got lower than 80.
  9. ali

    Environmental Careers

    Sorry I can't give advice - I don't know anyone in the industry - massive challenge to change careers - well done for doing that.
  10. ali

    Nursing CV

    Jobs WA is still the best place to look for jobs
  11. ali

    Nursing CV

    Happy to look at how they've addressed the criteria when they're applying for jobs
  12. ali

    Residents return visa

    If you don't meet the residency criteria then the application process may be a little longer. You will need to document your substantial ties and the dept will decide if to issue you with a 5 year or 1 year RRV. I think if you travel on a visitor visa, you run the risk of cancelling your PR visa
  13. ali

    Nursing CV

    The CV can be in the same format - the key is to address the selection criteria when applying for jobs. Although I would mention in your CV your visa status e.g. PR. The key word for the selection criteria is 'demonstrate' . I would always suggest doing the selection criteria separately - eligibility for registration is usually the first and this just needs to be a sentence saying what your registration number is and when it expires. I've not seen the selection criteria for 'general' nursing, but e.g. in MH one of the criteria might be 'Demonstrated clinical knowledge and experience of evidence based nursing care within mental health" .. So you'd write what you know about evidence based practice and how you incorporate that into your work - give a clinical example to demonstrate this. All jobs may have different selection criteria - this is what is looked at in order to shortlist.
  14. I think if you're hoping your wife changes her mind it might be good to re-think your decision to move and have another chat if it's what you really want to do.
  15. Our shipment took 12 weeks door to door
  16. ali

    New to Perth... looking to make friends! :)

    You have to make a number of posts before the software allows you to use the PM facility
  17. Some schools may require to see a lease agreement especially if it's a really popular school. This is to avoid people taking short term rentals and enrolling in the school and moving out of catchment. It will be advisable to enroll once you're out of the holiday accommodation.
  18. Unfortunately not - it's you (not your passport) that gets granted the visa
  19. ali

    Pitbull rescue

    Sorry had to remove the FB link as per the forum rules.
  20. I'm sorry, I've had to remove your link (forum rules), as Rossmoyne says, it would be great for you to share your places to eat on the forum.
  21. I'm not sure about the closely related employment, but I think you do need an (available) job offer for the 190 and if you're not looking to move for a few years then the rules may change.
  22. My boy took me to Grill'd for the first time - I have to say I really enjoyed their burger and they offered low carb and gluten free options
  23. ali

    Harrisdale people

    have you joined our sister site Poms in oz? That gets a bit more activity than this forum.
  24. Would agree with VS - Irish/British makes little difference to how your application is processed.
  25. Have you done the ceremony yet? If not then you're not a citizen yet and unable to apply for a passport.