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  1. ali

    Anyone waiting to migrate?

    It was on the news that they're worried the Rottnest brand has been tarnished by being used for quarantine - hopefully there may be some cheap deals in the future, cheaper to holiday in Bali than Rotto.
  2. ali

    870 Temporary Visa

    My understanding is that you can be in Aus when it's granted (but not when you apply), so you could come on a visitor visa. Has your sponsor been approved yet? The visa is taking approx. 19 months to be granted I believe (which is longer than the average tourist visa), when were you considering coming over? Do you work in the UK? Only asking as it may be wiser if you do to get the extra funds as I don't believe that this visa allows any work rights.
  3. it's a long time since we did our citizenship test - we did get told that it could take anything form months to days depending on how quickly checks were done. I think it was about 4 or 5 weeks (this was in 2009) before we got our approval then about 4 months wait for the ceremony
  4. ali

    Moving later this year

    Hi, Don't know about Beldon. I live in Leeming which I think (rather biasedly) is a great suburb (as are the surrounding areas. Seek and jobs wa are good sites to look for jobs - you may want to see where you get jobs before deciding on location to settle High schools - Some public school you have to live in the area to go to - such as Rossmoyne/Willetton. My children went to Leeming High (chalk and cheese kids) and both enjoyed it. Football as in Soccer (I hate that word lol), there are a number of NPL teams - look at football west website.
  5. ali

    Moving with 16 year old

    Do you mean she wants to stay in the UK? A level can convert to get Uni entry in Aus, it will depend what visa you're on as to how much you would pay. A temporary visa would mean international fees, A PR visa would be domestic fees which are payable at the start of each semester (only citizens are eligible for student loans).
  6. ali

    Recommendations on schools in fremantle

    I don't really know any of the primary schools in Fremantle, hopefully someone with more knowledge of that area will be able to answer your question.
  7. ali

    Moving with 16 year old

    Technically, it's not behind and she wouldn't be doing it again - years 11 and 12 are the equivalent of going to college and doing your A levels. The legal leaving age in Aus is 17, If she is still of school age, there may be an expectation of her to still be in education unless she has a job. you can leave school in year 10 if you have a job/going to TAFE. Graduating year 12 and getting the WACE certificate is important to a lot of students - it the culmination of years 11 and 12 and is a nationally recognised certificate. During years 11 and 12, some student study ATAR stream subjects - this will give them a score at the end of year 12 which can get them into Uni.
  8. The WHV would basically give you a taster, it's not easy (but not impossible) to go from WHV to a more permanent visa, but sponsorship seems to be less attractive to employers since they have to jump through more hoops to sponsor someone. If you qualify for a permanent visa then i'd certainly think about applying if that's your long term plan. The downside of the WHV of course is that you can only work for an employer for 6 months and to qualify for your 2nd WHV you have to do the 88 days regional/rural work in a recognised occupation
  9. Agree with this and picking up a bit of a banger to get you from A - B. The OP could look on gumtree for tools or advertise they need them
  10. You'd have to supply your own tools more than likely - the WHV really is designed not for tradies but for people who are on holiday for an extended period and may need to do some work for a few weeks in order to boost funds and set off travelling again.
  11. Hi, Most jobs will be advertised on seek.com but may be reluctant to take someone on for just 6 months, a lot of people on WHV look on gum tree for work.
  12. Depends what sort of contract your on - if you're a casual employer, the rate is usually a bit higher and includes holiday pay as you don't get holidays per se - you'd just be unavailable for work.
  13. ali

    cashless welfare card ?

    The card is currently only in a few regional areas - 20% of the welfare payment goes into the bank account of the recipient and 80% onto the card. Restrictions are buying alcohol with the card.
  14. Have a look at move cube - a lot of people have used them for smaller item.
  15. ali

    New to WA

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Have you thought about joining a football team? A lot of clubs have social and masters teams - great way to get to meet people
  16. ali

    UK year 4/5 Vs Grade 4 in Oz

    Hi Gill and welcome to the forum. I wouldn't worry about the difference, most people I know have found the year groups to being quite similar.
  17. ali

    over 65 & bridging visa

    Do be cautious, as VS says yes it's possible, however, it's only recently that an old lady on a bridging visa in a nursing home was going to be deported back to the UK as she didn't pass the medical and therefore the visa wouldn't be granted.
  18. ali

    RRV visa issue

    Hi, I'm guessing the problem you're having is being able to prove the substantial ties to Aus. Have you asked the agency if they can re-write the letter to prove that you have a firm job offer (perhaps mentioning the name of the company). RRV's are taking a considerable amount of time for those who have not met the residency requirements. Did your family validate their visa's? If not then those will have expired and they would need to apply for new visa's also (rather than RRV's).
  19. ali

    Shipping white goods

    I love how during the summer you put out a load and it's dry by the time you're putting out the second. We use our dryer a lot in winter
  20. Good luck Sharon. I think it will be down to the Uni's if they accept the qualifications against prior learning - it may be that they have to be against specific units. I know when my son did a cert IV - they looked at the units he'd done at High school in the related subject and he didn't have to do those particular units again and got a refund against them.
  21. ali

    Shipping white goods

    Only daft question is the one that doesn't get asked lol. We brought both our washing machine and tumble dryer. We did use it in the winter months
  22. Hi @flaspur - welcome to the forum This is an old thread from 2018. would be great to hear though of your own migration journey
  23. ali

    are folks still emigrating ?

    I think it's probably the whole of Aus but WA has been hit a little worse because of the mines.
  24. ali

    are folks still emigrating ?

    I think the other issue is that it seems much harder now to get a visa - we read that a visa eligibility is e.g. 65 points when the reality is that as it's a competition, you don't get an invite if you've got lower than 80.
  25. ali

    Environmental Careers

    Sorry I can't give advice - I don't know anyone in the industry - massive challenge to change careers - well done for doing that.