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Getting confused!!!!


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Just wondered if i could have a bit of advice please. Just trying to get my head round the in order in which to apply for everything. I am applying for a skilled visa as a nurse. So which order do I do the following in?

1) AHPRA registration

2) ANMAC skills assessment

3) EOI

Is it as I have written it???!!!!

Getting in a right muddle and starting to panic. Need to have application in by 40th birthday in august and worrying each bit will take ages?!! Flying out to Perth on sunday for a reccie, I can't wait. Bring on the sun:)))


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Firstly need you need to do an academic IELTS exam and score 7 in each category (reading, writing, speaking, listening) if you haven't already done it. Then the results from that needs to be sent with your ANMAC assessment. Once you have passed your skills assessment you can then submit an EOI.


As for AHPRA registration, this can be done at any time, but bear in mind you have only 12 months to validate it once you are registered. I waited until I had passed my ANMAC assessment then asked ANMAC to forward my certified documents onto AHPRA for me. This saved me having to have the same documents certified twice.


I submitted my skills assessment with ANMAC last year and it took approx 16 weeks. I'm not sure of how long it currently takes. I would make a start ASAP if I was you as there is only 6 months until August. I also waited a few weeks for my IELTS exam but that was because I was only willing to go to my nearest one.



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Thanks both for the replies. I have already done my IELTS and got the certificate through the other day, so thankfully that is sorted. I have just been trying to sort the documents for anmac. I rang the university the other day to try to get transcripts but they only hold records for 10 years and I qualified 13 years ago!! So I have emailed the nmc to send them a copy, how long that will take I don't know. Then realised that I have to get nmc to send a verification letter as well so have emailed again asking for that!! But apparantly after the email they then have to send me a pack to request the letter. I don't think this will arrive before I fly to Oz at the weekend so i guess there is not much more I can do until I come home again. Ah well just hope everything then runs smoothly. Just wondering for the points on the visa for age. Is it you age at the time of EOI or you age when the invite you to apply?

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