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moving to perth from ireland ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

stephen hally

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we are moving to Perth possibly in september and we are looking for information on public schools, we realize where you live dictates where your children will have to attend school. if anyone could provide some advice on good catholic schools it would be great. our kids are 13, 12 and just 6. any information will be greatly appreciated.

i am a little nervous about the move as i am the instigator of the move,

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All Catholic schools are private in WA and the fees vary - from $5ooo to $15,000 a year depending on the school and the year your child is in. You get a reduction in fees if there is more than one child at the school. As private schools they have strict uniform requirements as well down to all kids wearing the same shoes and socks which is an added expense. A few are Kindy to Year 12 and mixed sex which means all your children could go to the same school. Your biggest problem will be getting a place! The top Catholic high schools schools have huge waiting lists and names are put down at birth!

The Curriculum Council each year produce the results of the Year 12 exams (like A levels) and rate the schools. Here's a list of the best Catholic high schools from those results over the last couple of year -

Santa Maria All girls SOR

Iona Presentation all girls Western Suburbs

Sacred Heart Mixed Hilarys NOR

Mercedes All girls Perth CBD

Trinity All Boy Perth CBD

Newman Mixed K-12 Floreat (Western suburbs)

John XXIII College mixed k-12 Western suburbs (mount claremont)

Mackilop Catholic College Mixed NOR

Chisholm Catholic College mixed 7-12 Mt Lawley

Seton Catholic College Samson SOR

Ursula Frayne mixed Victoria Park

Corpus Christi, mixed Bateman SOR

St Norbet's mixed Queen's Park

Bunbury Catholic - Bunbury


Best way to get into a high school is to send your chidlren to a Catholic feeder primary. It will be an expensive business educating three children in a Catholic school but hope this is a starting point!

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I would look on some old threads on here to help with your thoughts and where to live, my family have been here 8 years and the in laws 20 years we hope to move in the next 12 months but all have gone to catholic schools and they all seem to have got on well with jobs etc.

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