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Do Employer Sponsored Visas require a skills test?


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Hi everyone, as a newbie on this I'm still trying to find my feet. I have spoken to an agency which was helpful to a point but not for the region we would like to live in - basically I can go to Adelaide but not Perth! I'm trying to get an Employer Nominated Sponsor as I am an Early Years/Primary Teacher. However, I do not have sufficient work experience to gain enough points for a skilled visa because I'll be 44 this year.


My husband on the other hand has 2 years experience as a driving instructor but not the higher level qualifications to gain enough points! As both our occupations are on the CSOL and Early Years Teacher is on the SOL and are all in demand on the WA gov website, does anyone know if you need points if you manage to secure employment? I know this is a long shot for us, but is worth a try. Is there any other visa apart from the 457 that would allow us to immigrate without sufficient points?


I am waiting for a call back from another agent (probably won't be until at least Monday now but I'll be back at work) so any help/advice in the meantime would be greatly appreciated. Please don't say all this info is on line, as I've been researching online until my head is spinning 360 and I feel so tied up in knots now!!


Also, if anyone out there is a driving instructor from the UK, did you need to go through VETASSESS for qualifications??

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