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Regional State Sponsorship


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My wife and I are looking at moving to WA in Jan and are looking at applying through the Regional State Sponsored visa. Is there a map showing where the boundary lines are for the Perth area? Does anyone know if both partners need to work Regionally or just the main visa applicant?

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All applicants will have the 8539 condition on their visas therefore they must live, work and study in Regional Australia.


But either primary or secondary applicant on the 489 visa can meet the eligibility requirement for working full-time in regional Australia for the 887 visa. Therefore the secondary applicant on the 489 can become the primary applicant on the 887, once the other eligibility criteria has also been met.

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I have never seen a map of it, but the closest regional area to Perth would be Mandurah.


"I think" both parties have to work regionally. I would recomend you research the availability of jobs for your occupation in a regional area. If you can tell us more about what you do it will be a help.



my wife is a Nursery Manager so its through her we will be applying. I work in Sales for an Oil Services company so I will have to look for something different if not allowed to work in Perth I guess.

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