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My wife, 9 year old son and me are moving to Perth in June (from Sunny Scotland).

My wife is being sponsored by the Swan Valley Hospital and we are looking to rent somewhere fairly close to there. We are looking at Ellenbrook and Aveley. Reading threads on various forums these areas appear to have mixed reviews. We'd love to hear from anyone actually living in this area.

We are aware that public transport is not great and we know that its 25km (approx) from Perth etc.

We are wanting to find out if the area is safe (heard mixed reports of crime), and whether it's a suitable place to set up home.

Like all areas, where ever in the world you live, it will have good parts and not so good parts, some guidance here would be great.

Essentially we'd really appreciate communicating with people who live there and are happy to share their experiences with us. It would also be great to meet people on here so we have a friendly face or two to say 'Hi' to when we arrive!

Please feel free to PM us, as I appreciate that people may not wish to express an honest opinion on an open forum.


Thanks in advance

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My brother and his wife has recently moved to Aveley/Ellenbrook in October last year and also have young boys im sure they might have some information to help you - My brothers name on here is Bobopaulsy if you search him im sure he wont mind if you pm him questions :)


His wife is a mental health nurse and works at a hospital (not sure which one) and we are also from Bonny Scotland! x

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I have a lot of friends living in Ellenbrook, it's a "Little South Africa" and has a huge community of white South Africans, from what I have seen and heard it is a lovely suburb, only thing that puts me off is commuting, it has lousy commuting links, no trains but busses, problem with busses they get stuck in traffic too and traffic is horrendous getting out of Ellenbrook, I had the misfortune of driving to Midland in rush hour the other day along the Reid Highway, what a shambles when I got to the Ellenbrook turn offs, there must have been a que a mile long to get out of Lord street onto the Reid, there are other ways out but they were all the same.

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