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SOR Meet-up Sunday 2nd March


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Hello Perth Poms,


Just wanted to extend an invite to anyone that would like to come along to a meet-up this Sunday (2nd Mar) from 1pm onwards at Woodman Point near Coogee. Its a great spot to meet up as has a grassy area with fab kids play park and BBQ's and is also right on the beach - so something for everyone :)


At the moment there are at least 5 family's coming along with kids of various ages ranging from 10 months to 13 and all living in the southern suburbs. We all moved to Perth within the last year or so and it has been great to share experiences and make some very good friends and share some laughs :laugh:



If anyone would like to come along it would be great to see you there!

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Just a reminder to anyone interested in coming along tomorrow.


Obviously open to anyone NOR too, just giving you an idea where we all live :)


If you want to pm me i will make sure we are looking out for you as I know it can be a bit daunting trying to work out who your looking for :)


Also, if you can't make it but would be interested in coming along another time pm me and I will contact you then x

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Hiya CG, we will be heading for the john graham recreation reserve bit where there is a big green area with bbq's and leads onto the beach. Hopefully we will get a spot near a BBQ and near the kids play park. I will pm you my mobile number so you can call if you need to find us :)

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