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Private schools SOR/Peel Region


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Hi all


I would really like some advice regarding the following schools; Frederick Irwin, Mandurah; Tranby College, Baldivis and Living Waters, Warnbro. Pros and cons; which subjects these schools excel at etc etc. I'm really looking for personal experience and what parents think. Choosing the right school is a bit of a nightmare when you can't chat to local people in the area to find out more!


PM me if you prefer but just to give you some background; we have visited all 3 schools and i know which is my favourite, however, it is likely the children will be offered places at the others first.


I have a 9 year old/ year 5 boy and two 7 year olds/ year 3. They are all different but all currently go to good private schools in Jersey where they have a wide range of opportunities in sport, art, music and drama to name a few. Their school places a lot of emphasis on producing polite, positive, confident children and are very disciplined in their approach. They are blazered and capped and are expected to be super polite at all times; ie. a shining example of their school.


My eldest son flourishes in this environment; he is in the top 10/75 in maths but struggles more with his English (he may be dyslexic and we have been doing some private work with him recently for this) but is still at UK national level. He loves science, I.T. and is big into his sports, particularly swimming and rugby. He is highly competitive so if he went to a school where sport wasn't a big part of school life and where winning wasn't celebrated he would hate it!


My youngest son is in a dream land! He is probably the brightest of my three but is extremely laid back. He loves drama and is not so keen on sport but is keen to try Karate and archery! Chalk and cheese! He takes everything in his stride but needs opportunities to stretch him and his imagination.


Finally my daughter is academic and sporty and is another keen swimmer, netball player, gymnast etc. She loves maths and English and really pushes herself in everything she does. She is above UK national average in maths and English. She is confident but can be sensitive at times.


Any tips or opinions on these schools would be very welcome. We think we will live in the area of Waikiki, Baldivis or Mandurah (probably nearer the Aqua Jetty the better for morning and evening swimming training!!!) so I don't mind travelling 20 mins to and from school twice a day. I'd much a rather do that than multiple 40 min trips to clubs and swimming and it's better than the 2 hour school run I did yesterday :swoon:




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I can only comment on Mandurah Baptist College to which I have no issues with and my son who is in year 9 is currently doing fine


Thanks James. I've heard nothing but good reports about this school but unfortunately when we were on our reccie we didn't take the opportunity to look round and I haven't put the children's names down. We have their names down at the other schools. Schools are always such a dilemma! I had to put their names down where they are now as soon as they took their first breath!

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My son also goes to Mandurah Baptist College and I am so happy with it. He is thriving and I am so happy we made the move from public school. It costs approximately $100 a week and honestly I'd pay much much more. But be aware of the waiting list.


I'll have a look; although we've already shed out about $700 to put our three on waiting lists :wideeyed:

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