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  1. Give me a break!

    Police check question !!!

    This is the Police check that you have to use for Visa purposes from memory it takes a couple of weeks to come through. https://www.acro.police.uk/police_certificates.aspx
  2. Give me a break!

    Safety in perth

    http://frontline2020.police.wa.gov.au/Local-Police-Teams/South-Metropolitan-District/Mandurah-local-police You come under Team 3 in Mandurah? Why did you say you come under Rockingham? We come under team 2 in Mandurah according to their website.
  3. Give me a break!

    Going to Bali for the fist time!

    Thanks to those that have bothered to try and help me, and to those that have used it as a chance to dig and have your entertainment , good on you, I won't be starting anymore threads or frequenting this site again, so I'm sure you'll be happy about that. I have no idea why you've all felt the need to be quite so horrid, Happy New Year.
  4. Give me a break!

    Going to Bali for the fist time!

    Thanks for that! First comment a sarcastic negative one, what has happened to this forum seriously?
  5. Give me a break!

    Going to Bali for the fist time!

    Well we are off in two weeks for our first foreign holiday ( Apart from a visit back to the UK last year, which was definitely not a holiday, more torture! ) in two weeks and we are going to Bali. Never been before, we are going to what looks to be a lovely private Villa in Seminyak. Has anyone been? Any tips if you have? Restaurants and bars etc?
  6. Give me a break!

    Live in perth or commute?

    Secret Harbour is definitely a Marmite place, either love it or loathe it. I loved living there but OH hated it, and that seems to be the way for most.
  7. Give me a break!

    Live in perth or commute?

    Oh my goodness what a horrid trip to do every day! I do the airport run once or twice a month and it's bad enough, why did you chose Secret Harbour when you work there?
  8. Give me a break!

    visa 189 pr ?

    Crickey you lot are very impatient! Ours took well over 18 months nearly 6 years ago now. All good things come to those that wait
  9. Give me a break!

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Kate, Rob and all the Perthpoms team and members.
  10. Give me a break!

    Live in perth or commute?

    The train is very cheap too the only downside is parking at stations here is sometimes difficult unless you get there very early however cycling to the station is easy with lockable bike parks. We built our house in North Mandurah and the exact spec house 46k's further north is now being advertised at well over twice the price so like most countries city living certainly does come at a cost. A train into the city in $11 and you can get that lower with certain multi user options.
  11. Give me a break!

    visa granted, house sold, advice needed

    Hi, congratulations on the visa grant and house sale. I would really keep an open mind reference areas until you have sorted jobs. It's a vast sprawling City and its no good planning an area if you work is a two hour commute away. What type of work do you both do? This may narrow down areas.
  12. Give me a break!

    I know no one will care but ......

    Thanks Rossy Happy New Year to you too.
  13. Give me a break!

    Car rental any recommendations?

    Such a shame the guilty party doesn't have concience
  14. Give me a break!

    what are you doing at this moment

    Supposed to be getting ready to go to work, working a late one and then again tomorrow morning. No late night shinnanigans for me but on the plus side no hangover I suppose
  15. Give me a break!

    Car rental any recommendations?

    cI had my car dinted a few times at Sainsburys and Asda, so far not here but I've only been here 5 and a half years plenty of time for it to happen yet I suppose. My OH had his car smacked so hard it went up in the air outside a social club in Bristol, it was on CCTV but the police couldn't do anything as it was a private car park