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Moving to Perth


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Hi, me my partner and our daughter are looking at moving to Perth, we have done research but still don't know exactly were to start we was recommended to come to this forum. Need as much information as possible, what's the first step to take? What sort of visa do we need? How do we sort out schools, accommodation ect, if we're still in England? We know it takes time but just want get the ball rolling, all information will be helpful to us looking forward to your replys. Thank you

billy and Rachael x

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Read through booklet 6 on the Immi website if you're looking to come on a Skilled visa. It'll help you to establish if you're likely to meet the points criteria.


Talk to a MARA registered migration agent.


And don't submit your EOI until you have all your ducks in a row! You'll need to get your skills assessed and may even have to sit an English exam depending on whether you need to claim points for English.


Ask lots of questions on here and double check everything because although we'll all help and answer your questions best we can we're not registered professionals. Some of us have applied for our visas ourselves, others have hired the services of an agent because if you make a mistake it can be very costly.


Good luck!



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