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Positive skills assessment but query on points - need help please


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We have today received the long awaited positive skills assessment from TRA which was just a massive relief when i first opened the email.


However the end paragraph has sent me into a complete panic! It reads 'for the purpose of this skills assement TRA considerd that the applicant was first able to commence work in skilled employment from 1st Feb 2007'


Why I am panicking is because we need to claim the maximum points for work expeience which states 8 out of the last 10 years. My oh has been a plaster since 1999 and i did send all the evidence on to TRA for some reason though they have only taken into account his records from 2004 (pre to 2004 he was working in Ireland and I only provided some tax documents and a stat dec for this). Whats the position here can anyone advise - will immi only look at what TRA have recommended or can i put down for the maximum poiints on my EOI and hope that IMMi recognise the evidence pre 2004?


Any insight or advice greatly received!

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Just an update on this. We really needed to claim the maximum points for work exp. and thanks to sideshowdeb We have managed to do this! We put in for a MPA with TRA cost us another 600 AUD sent off additional evidence and a begging letter asking them to expedite and they did. Got a positive response in exactly two weeks. I must add our agent said it was a waste of time and not to bother with the MPA but we decided to plough on regardless. I'm so glad we did and soo grateful to sideshowdeb as she was the one that suggested the MPA, love this site! We have lodged our EOI today and now it's a waiting game! Fingers crossed we get the ITA soon.

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