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    Highly recommend John Mason and Wridgeways

    Brilliant service start to finish. Boxed and packed a 3 bed house in 8 hours loaded onto container next day. Set sail 3 days later and we tracked its progress. Arrived in Fremantle on schedule went through quarantine with no additional charges, just 4 boxes examined out of an inventory of 130, 2 Christmas decks and 2 shoe boxes. Everything was delivered to our new home 10 days earlier than expected, it was unpacked and delivered to the requested rooms. No damage. A very happy ending.
  2. Jueglittergirl

    Question for the women

    You'll be given a form to complete on your final flight, just mark it as personal medication, and have it accessible if asked. We weren't.
  3. Jueglittergirl

    has anyone used Go Matilda!

    Not so great for us, given wrong information and charged over £900.00. Had to wait 2 years and now we are in Oz this time no agent needed.
  4. Jueglittergirl

    Are Commonwealth Bank for real???

    We used ANZ and transferred to settlement agents account next day, cost $28.00.
  5. Jueglittergirl

    Wonderful, wonderful Australia

    @LoopyLauren I look forward to your experiences being shared once your feet touch the ground in a couple of weeks. Best of luck. Xx
  6. Jueglittergirl

    Wonderful, wonderful Australia

    Well 2 weeks in. Flew manchester to perth via singapore. Excellent flight, easy transfer and fairly good food, brilliant if you like salted nuts. Arrived to sunshine and wow that sun is hot. CBD just as it looks in all those photos. Lots of construction but the traffic was light and we had arranged Go Transfers to take us to Scarborough which we found on Stayz with lots of luggage. Great beach at Scarborough with amenities close by including food outlets, Coles and a couple of petrol stations. Collected bank cards, but be aware, there are limits on daily transactions which effect how much you can draw at ATM's. Started work in Claremont on day 4, all good. Traffic is easy, more so as driving an automatic allows the traffic to glide opposed to the stop start of the uk. Went to national park and saw our first Kangeroos. Moved on up the coast to Sorrento once our dog was released from quarantine. We much prefer it to Scarborough, less amenities but nicer area and beach. The freeways are great, so easy to get around suburb to suburb. Made an offer on a house, move in in 3 weeks. Bought a car, so returning No Birds hire vehicle early. People are so friendly, it must be the sunshine. Food is good value, tasty and fresh if you buy wisely. Gravy is sweet and stuffing is expensive. Chocolate is great, especially Cadbury Cherry Ripe. We have found store baked bread to be good, prefer Woolworths over Coles. Lots of people out exercising, walking, biking, swimming out in the waves. Out teenagers are enjoying their extended holiday but equally looking forward to starting school next semester. Everywhere appears clean, tidy, well maintained. We have driven around many suburbs west of the Mitchell Freeway and they are well maintained with lots of open spaces. We are very lucky to be here and are thoroughly enjoying our life in Australia. Good luck to all those making the journey, it is long and hard but worth it.
  7. Jueglittergirl

    Dog friendly accomodation

    Thanks VS. We are hoping not to go down the mortgage route, I have secured work so are looking at a small area around sorrento to tick our boxes regarding house buying. Dawesville is too far out for me though.
  8. Hoping for a little help. We arrive on Friday and have 2 weeks accommodation booked whilst we wait for our little Lhasa Apso to complete her quarantine stay. We are then looking for 6 weeks furnished whilst we buy our own property. Does anyone know of anything chalet, house, caravan!, I'm really struggling looking online. Thanks for any help offered.
  9. @Rossmoyne Thanks for the info, sure it's going to be a bit of a minefield but we will take it one step at a time, we fly next week and I'm hoping we can have something sorted by the end of Sept once our container arrives.
  10. Great at news, we're considering buying rather than renting as we know the area that will fit with work and schools as well as offering us good access to the beach and traveling farther afield.
  11. How long does the process take, offer accepted.......... to moving in, roughly, is it 3-4 months similar to uk?
  12. Jueglittergirl

    Advice on transporting our dog please

    Hi jacqui the first thing to do is arrange rabies vaccination and follow up blood test as this has to be done at least 180 days before flying. I'd recommend Petair, we fly our Lhasa Apso who is 11 next week. All the best.
  13. Jueglittergirl

    One week in...

    Wonderful news, I've been waiting expectantly for your arrival post. We fly 2 weeks today, after the shippers having been and emptied our house today. We are staying in Scarborough and I'm working Mount Claremont, so not a million miles away. Congrats on the proposal too, how romantic. Xx
  14. Jueglittergirl

    Ready, steady, go........

    @Lou8670 I've managed to secure a position at a childcare centre just outside CBD.
  15. Jueglittergirl

    Ready, steady, go........

    Thanks guys, it all seems to be roller coasting now. This time last year it was TRA time, how quickly a year flys, hold on tight those beginning your journey, it's a wild ride.