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What's the quickest anyone got their IELTS results back?


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Thankyou! I got 8.5 overall and 20 points I needed for my Visa. I think it helps that I have just finished a degree so the 'English' skills have been embedded in my brain. Ninny, I am sure he will fly through it next time. Did he watch the Youtube video's? I found them useful. His speaking was really good. You can practice the listening and reading so they are definitely areas he can improve on!

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Hi I can't believe I forgot what day it was today, we went out for the day, and I have only just got in. I got an 8.5 overall 9 for listening 8.5 Reading, 8.5 speaking and 8 for writing, so I get the 20 points I needed for my Visa.

Ninny tell your husband, not to be too disappointed though I know how disheartened I would be, a lot of people end up taking retests and end up with much better scores. Jac2011, well done to you too.

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Thanks everyone ?


well done immi... Excellent score!! Good luck with the next step, getting closer!


Wish I could do it for my hubby but it's his occupation, he's booked in 2 weeks so is revising and I mentioned u tube vids which he is going to check too! Straight 7s would be fine as only need 10 points although 20 would be good ha

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