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  1. No worries mate, glad you found it helpful. all the best G
  2. Hi - just wanted to say thanks for having such a helpful signature and with costs. Awesome!
  3. Hi, welcome me to the forum, this place is awesome for getting questions answered. Have a look in my signature for our cost breakdown, we only came over this year so costs are up to date. Hope that helps and good luck Gareth
  4. gar374

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Surely a new PM being announced should caused uncertainty for the Aus dollar and therefore it should weaken? im hoping anyway as I have money to bring over.
  5. gar374

    recession - heard a few regrets

    Hi, We've just moved here and the rental market is far better now (for renters) than it was 2 years ago when we visited. We offered less than the asking price and were accepted having never rented before and not being in work. We do have the equity from our house sale in the bank though. We came from Scotland where the housing market is a lot cheaper than it is generally down south, not sure how Leeds fairs though. We're hoping to get a 4 x 2 house of comparable size to that we had in Scotland for similar money and from what we've seen so far that should happen once I've been working for a few months and am able to get a mortgage. The exchange rate is key for us at the minute. When we visited it was about $1.65 for the £ and the housing market was at its peak, so we did our maths based on that. We now over $2.10 to the £ and the housing market has eased a wee bit, so it's all making a huge difference. Hope that helps. Gareth
  6. gar374

    Hey there!

    Welcome Woj, you picked the right forum, this place is awesome, a friendlier bunch you won't find. good luck Gareth
  7. gar374

    Car insurance

    Think the certificate I got from my last insurer says 9 years as that all they recognise, but I think i was about 15/16. The most on the comparison websites over here is 6 years so that's what I put. mx5s are awesome, I had 2 at the same time. An import 1989 mk1 for the track and a mk3 for the road. Not entirely practical though.
  8. gar374

    Car insurance

    You're ncb should be valid for at least two years ,used to be three, depends on the insurer you're going to. im with Woolworths over here, they asked about ncb, I was honest, but they've never asked for any proof or whether it was gained here in Aus. The max seems to be 6 years here. They also didn't ask when it was from. re price. I was under £200 for my past few cars, including mx5s and an Astra vxr. Here I've got a ford falcon xr6 with a 4litre engine and I think it was about $370, so I'd say comparable.
  9. gar374

    UK bank account

    We still have ours, also with the address updated to our Aussie address. Apparently by having at least one account open in the UK, you maintain y R credit rating as well.
  10. gar374

    Word of warning re money transfers

    We've just been caught out with addresses not matching between bank account (updated) and moneycorp (didn't even consider updating). Tried to transfer money for Ellen to buy a car and have had an email from them. Have replied with what I think they need, just waiting for an email back now. top tip, make sure all your addresses match or you could be hit with delays.
  11. gar374

    2 weeks (well nearly) in.

    We'd have loved to have done a one week in but it's been a bit of a blur to be honest, so thought two weeks would have to do. Can believe it's our turn, seems to have been a long time in the making. Here goes though. We left Edinburgh Tuesday 28th on the 1430 flight to Doha, and had one of Danny's wee cousins waving at us through a fence, we spotted him easily from the plane and having held it together quite well until that point, had a bit of an emotional moment just before take off. The flight was fine, not too busy so I had a row to myself until Danny came to sit with me halfway through to give his mum and sister a break! Quick stop in Doha and the next plane was heaving, screaming baby n all! Wow, it was a long flight. Danny slept for the first half of it, none of the rest of us managed much sleep at all. Collected the bags no issue, but there seemed to be three big international flights landing at the same time so getting out of the baggage hall took about an hour. Through passport control with no issues, got the passports stamped (didn't have to ask) so the bank could see when we'd arrived. Our driver (Simon) was waiting as promised with a card with Ellen's name on it. Got ourselves loaded into the minibus and Emily fell asleep as we quizzed Simon on what was what as we headed for Safety Bay. Arrived to a very warm welcome from my mum and John about 8.30pm. Thursday was a bit of a blur of sleep and Danny being a bit sick for most of he day, me and Emily headed off to Rockingham shopping centre for SIM cards and a bit of a wander round. Friday and we had an appointment with the bank in the city centre so a train ride in, over an hour at the bank followed by hungry jacks for lunch (old habits die hard)! We then carried on walking around for a good while before heading back for the train, which was chokka with rush hour commuters. Lesson learned. Saturday and we got Danny a new bike (he'd sold his old, barely used one before we left) as well as a car seat and a new helmet. Got it built back at the house and off to the park on it. Sunday and more riding to the local park and chilling out. Monday and we went to the local Centrelink place to register for that and Medicare, no problems, although we still need to figure out the Centrelink website. First attempt with no stabilisers on Danny's bike. More practise required! Tuesday and more chillin out as well as a wander down to and along the beach, about an hour before sunset so we could get back for tea, but need to get back down there and take some sunset photos. Wednesday, more practise on the bike both with and without stabilisers, then we were off to see a car in the evening. The woman selling it works with my mum, so a drive down to Secret Harbour for that. We came back with a new purchase. I went Aussie on the car and got a 2005 Ford Falcon xr6. Only on the drive home did I realise the stereo didn't have an aux input. Gutted! It goes well though, has low mileage and new tyres. Thursday and we thought as we were mobile at last we'd go and look at some houses we fancied that we'd seen online. So headed down to Port Kennedy and looked at 7 houses and areas. Some we still liked, some not so much so they came off the list but one in particular was still our number one preference. We were about to arrange a proper viewing when we realised there was a home open the next day. Friday, the day to see the house we really wanted. The home open was only for 10 minutes which we thought was quite odd, we didn't want to be late so went down nice and early. Two other folk we there too. The photographer had done a stunning job, the house was much smaller and darker than we thought and we didn't fancy it at all when we saw it in the flesh. We did get chance to quiz the realtor about various aspects of renting though. A new thing for us as we'd always owned our homes. Danny's stabilisers came off for the last time. He's a happy boy. Saturday, the heavens opened and it lashed it down for ages. We went to look at another home open a bit closer, Harrington Waters this time. The agent was very intense, in a total rush to get out the door, to the point he filled in his own feedback form for us to sign!!!! Despite him, we liked the house and decided to take an application form. In the afternoon we jumped in the car and went north to catch up with some friends of ours that used to live across the road but moved here 3.5 years ago on a 457. Was great to see them and catch up. Really good giggles and great food. We all had a blast. Sunday, more friends to catch up with, Aussies this time, so again north, to High Wycombe this time and again, great food (cooked on the bbq) and really nice to catchup with our friends we've not seen since we were here 2 years ago. Monday, tax file numbers arrived, we'd filled the forms in for the house application and decided to drive up to Rockingham shops to hand them in. Took passports, visa info, bank statements from the UK all for good measure. We're told that would be fine, would take 48hrs to process the application then, if approved, submit the offer to the owner. We offered less than the asking price, coz...why not! Decided to have lunch out and the agent called to ask about money we had in the UK. So popped back to print a screenshot of the Aussie account. Wandering round the shops and managed to get a cable for the car to add aux in. Chuffed, $20. Just walking to the car and the realtor called to say the application had been approved and it was being submitted to the owner, we should hear in 24 hrs. Started the car and the phone rang. The house was ours, do we want it for 12 months instead of 6 for $5 less a week. Nah! We did put on the application form we'd like the first option to buy if the owner decides to sell though. Apparently this can sometimes help owners decide between potential renters. Spent the rest of Monday writing this post. Apologies if it's a bit long. It's been quite a whirlwind and when we read others we wondered how they got so much done in a short space of time. You just kind of do.
  12. gar374

    Car insurance

    Right, so I've now got proper car insurance as well as what comes with rego (which is 3rd party person cover) so not the same as 3rd party in th UK. Options are similar but they seem to have lots of options for covering drivers 21 and over or 25 and over but with higher excesses. NCB was mentioned and the go to 60% discount for 6+ years. As I have a letter from my previous insurer I ticked that box. for info, my falcon xr6 cost under $400 for comprehensive insurance for me and the wife.
  13. gar374

    Flights and Shipping

    We got Qatar flights for a good price one way through IOM (international organisation for migration). The help people migrate. Might be worth dropping them an email.
  14. gar374

    Car insurance

    Following this one. we landed a week ago and I bought a car today. Not sorted proper insurance out yet, having a look at that when I'm done here. Hoping my ncb transfers over, have heard it will if you have a letter from your previous insurer.
  15. gar374


    Following this one with interest.