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January Just Round The Corner!! OMG


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So we leave Scottieland in January to start our new life in Perth,

Thankfully my wife's mum, sister and best friends stay in Perth so we have support when we arrive,

However it's still daunting/exciting at the same time.


I know my wife will fit straight back into Perth life, I'm hoping I'll do the same, after all I can talk to a lamppost,


Does Any1 know of any 5a/7a side football around the Ellenbrook area?


What are the main things we should get sorted when we land?


We already have a bank account, just need to confirm our identities at the branch and obtain our bank cards,

I guess passport, visa and bank statements addressed to us with our UK address will be enough to prove our identities?


How long does a Tfn take to come through? Also medicare?

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medicare will take a couple of weeks to get your cards, but they give you a 'receipt' that you can use until they do. TFN about the same. The bank may need a Oz address, even if its a temporary one. Driving license is a good one to get, for ID.

Can't help with the Footy thing, sorry, wrong end of the shire!

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we have recently arrived. major things we arranged

long term rental

WA driving licence


trn numbers

library cars (for free internet access)

mobile phone contract


silly things like woolworths and coles cards so you can start collecting points (bit like Tesco I think), also look at the bottom of receipt usually discount off petrol.


use this site, everyone really helps

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just take your passport and visa evidence with you, everyone is really helpful. Also make sure you have copies of your CV if you haven't got a job and you can give them out when you are registering for things.


If you have kids in tow, suggest a psp or other computer thing to keep the occupied as things can take a little time!! (most banks and gov buildings have free wifi, also malls and Mc Donalds)


One thing I would definelty advice. If you are keeping UK bank accounts open make sure you can access them. We tried to pay a bill from our Halifax account in UK but couldn't as they wanted to give a verification code to a hone number (which was our old UK number).


If you have any bank accounts in UK that need 'log in devices' ie nationwide, bring that with you and you can access uk money. hope than makes sense. We have also been able to utilise our UK accounts to arrange asda delivery of flowers to grandparents to cheer them up, handy idea for Christmas.


Also bring toothaste, corsadol mouth wash and cadburys chogcolate, all vv expensive!!

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I'm a galaxy fan Jen, and last year and the year before I nearly cried when I couldn't find big bars of galaxy, only packs of "dove" with mini chocolates,

Nearly cancelled the whole moving process due to the lack of galaxy! Ha ha


Yeah we have Internet banking so that should be easy with regards to the accounts, we are keeping those account address and my parents house.


Thanks for the advice much appreciated, hope you have settled in with life down under?

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