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Carpenter needing help to submit EOI for either a 189 visa or a 489 visa


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Hi folks I am looking for some help to fill in my EOI on skillselect as in a bit of a panic over it.


Please could someone guide me on how to fill in the EOI form, as I am unsure about sections like education and work experience.


My Background


I am from the uk so I have a British passport


I am 31 years old


I have had a positive result back from Vetassess for my carpentry skills.


I have done my apprenticeship, which was 5 years from 2004 - 2009


I then did carpentry from 2009 to 2012


I am now a h&s officer and estimator for a construction company from 2012 to present


My wife has got a brother who is permanent resident in Australia so could use him as sponsorship for 5 extra points if needed but would idealy like a 189 visa.


I have got my IELTS booked for 6th of December just in case I need to get extra points




On the education and work experience sections do I put that I have now got a Australian III certificate or not?


On the work experience section do I include my apprenticeship years as I see from some older posts people are unsure whether to include these years. Also should I include my h&s/estimator role as it is related to construction


Thanks in advanced for anyone's help

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