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Resident return visa


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Hi All

Could any body help me regarding the situation with the resident return visa,as I understand it when having been granted a 143 parent visa after 5 years since the visa was granted if I leave Australia,on holiday for example,would I need a resident return visa and are these generally granted?

Also is there a time limit to return to Australia from when the 143 visa was first activated ,,i.e. after entering AU to activate the visa then returning to the UK.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Question (I hope it makes sense!!!!)

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If you are living in Australia when the travel portion expires and you wish to leave and return to Australia such as a holiday, you would need an RRV. In such circumstances it would normally be granted easily and quickly and you would get a 5 year RRV.

Once you have activated your visa by visiting Australia within the 12 months of police or medical check you then have 5 years to make the move before the travel portion of the visa expires. If you haven't made the move to Australia by then, there is a risk they wont grant an RRV, though generally they are lenient.

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