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teacher for independent skilled pr visa


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My sister is a graduate of bachelor in arts in psychology overseas. I wanted her to move here probably under a student visa first then eventually for independent skilled visa 189. However, she just recently graduated and hasn't started to work yet. For her to gain 60 points for PR visa, she needs to study at least 2yrs (we are thinking doing a cert 3 early childhood for 1 year then diploma for early childhood for another year).

Her occupation on the list will be early childhood teacher after studying here in AU. Will AITSL credit her cert 3 and diploma with her bachelor degree (psychology) from overseas? Also will she be able to register under the Teacher Board of WA if she does the cert 3 and diploma with 0 working experience?

Thanks in advance.


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To qualify for a visa as any form of teacher, she would need to complete four years of university degree level (as minimum) education. 

I do not recommend she undertakes it on a student visa as it is a very expensive way to do it. She should also only study to a career if that is what she really wants regardless of if it produces a visa. Occupations are regularly removed and this one is one I would not be at all surprised to see removed. Over 200 occupations have been removed in the last 12 months and the government has made it clear, many more will be. 

Also, points may be an issue as because the number of places for visas has been reduced, although the technical requirement is still 60, in reality nobody has been getting invited on less than 70. 

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