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Moving from England to Australia - What visa do i need?

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Hi all,

Upon staying with friends in WA (Perth) 2 years ago i would like to start the process for me and my partner to apply for the correct visa's to move to Australia. 

I am a project manager for an IT infrastructure company and my partner works for the NHS in business intelligence. 

My question is what visa do we need? We can stay with friends whilst there but i am hoping that i can purchase a property as soon as possible. I am also open to the option to use a visa agent as this will simply the process.

Your help and comments are much appreciated.

Thank you

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I would strongly recommend using a registered migration agent as the process is complex and easy to make an error. Camilla from http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au Is a good one and a member of the forum. 

The starting point is to look at the occupation lists at homeaffairs.gov.au. However, IT occupations are particularly hard to pin down on here. 

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