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Visa 186


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Good Morning.

I got a work sponsorship for a Visa 186 and just did the skill assessment, but in the interview I got asked nothing about the work I do. I know it is a wide range in one category. But not a single question related to my field of work in that category.  I am in security/CCTV industry under the general electronic worker assessment but got asked question for parts in amps, how to test and repair parts for electricians  for example,  it is very frustrating as I do not have the qualifications nor worked on things like that, Some questions I told the assessor that I do not know the answer as it has nothing to do with the work I do and never worked on that. 

I am not feeling very confident in the outcome of the assessment . Will I still be able to obtain the Visa if I do get a negative result even though the sponsor has already confirmed the contract

and did all the requirements on his side.  

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It sounds really frustrating that your skill assessment interview didn't align with your actual work in the security/CCTV industry. The sponsor confirming the contract and meeting their requirements is a positive sign, though. Even if the assessment result isn't what you hoped for, there may still be options. You could potentially appeal the decision or reapply with more specific documentation and clarification about your job role. It might also help to discuss your concerns with the sponsor and seek advice from a migration agent.

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