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Partner Visa - Offshore

Nick James

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Hi all,

New round here so pleased to meet you all.

My long term partner is currently awaiting her Permanent Resident renewal coming through and once it's received, we will be applying for a partner visa for me. We have been together for just shy of 8 years with 2 children so I don't have many worries about the visa being rejected.

The main question I have, is when I make the application for me as a partner, I have included the children on the application, is this correct and they will be included with my decision or do we have to apply for the children separately and pay additional fees?

I have completed the application and I am just collating all evidence ready to submit, but wanted to be doubly sure on a few things.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I am just weighing up my options in terms of where to go next with our application and trying to research seems to be a bit of a mine field.

The scenario is that my fiancé is a Permenant Resident already, but has been out of the country for a few years. We are just awaiting her RRV to come through before we lodge the kids and my application for a partner visa. The confusion comes that we live in the UK as a family, and intend on immigrating as a family. My partner's parents are Australian Citizens living in Perth already so we will be going to love with them in the short term.

The confusion comes with whether or not my partner has to apply to be a sponsor for myself and the children, and if so, does she have to be based in Australia? Or could my partner's parents be our sponsor? Or do we even need a sponsor at all?

I have my application sat ready and waiting to go, but want to make sure I have taken all of the steps before I lodge my application. 

Is the Partner Visa even the right one for us in this scenario?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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