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Confused language graduate-to-be here...

Guest teapotwoman

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Guest teapotwoman

My name is Sarah. Hello! wubclub.gif


I'm 22 years old and doing a degree in BA French & Italian at the University of London. I graduate in 2013 and after that, I want to move to Australia permanently. Right now I am doing an internship in Italy with a photovoltaic/hydroelectric power distributor which involves international relations-type stuff (translation, teaching business-related English etc.) and next year I'll be living in Switzerland to study for a few months.


I have been with my boyfriend Ryan (23) for a year and a half: I met him whilst travelling in Aus to meet a friend I once volunteered with in China as a university English teacher. He is from Queensland, but currently lives in WA (Port Hedland.) We've been together ever since, taking turns to visit each other's home countries - sometimes for months at a time. It can be difficult, but we make time for each other and I know he's the guy for me even though we are both fairly young. We have talked about things long-term and think Australia would be the best place for us both to settle in terms of job prospects, quality of life, family etc. We will probably stay in WA, preferably Perth or a nearby area.


So now comes the preliminary research about what exactly I'm going to do with my life, which is hard enough for an undergraduate without the added pressure of emigration! confused.gif


What are job prospects like for somebody in my situation? Should I consider postgraduate study or is there work available for people with a degree in French and Italian? Any information you can offer me would be amazing! As for visas, I'm not 100% sure which one I'm going to apply for yet (Partner Visa seems to be the best option) but at least I have a sponsor and plenty of people to vouch for me back in Australia and in the UK.


Thanks in advance for your help - and hello again to everyone in this forum!


Sarah xox

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Hi Sarah,

I don't really know the answer to your question, French and Italian aren't widely taught here, with the majority of schools offering Asian language and studies. I know UWA has a French Studies degree - perhaps you could contact them and they could point you in the direction of job opportunities.

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