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Any family members out there?


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:smile:hello all

we are looking for any family members what living in western australia would be nice to here of any relatives from the Finnegan my father is born in Drumohan

Ireland and we would be very pleased to hear from you want my father cant remember where everyone went he onley knows that i have a auntie in the usa but thats it the family is so huge there is a other auntie she stays in Birmingham UK aswell so would be greate of any of our family is over in oz aswell .

So please come in contact with as al the best from William and Kaz .

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Hi Kaz


Have you tried any of the Irish facebook websites? You might find someone on them. I dont know if I am allowed say that name on this ! Suzanne


Hello Suzanne we don't like facebook so we will not entre into facebook that is what we try our luck here we are in the process to go to WA and thought it would be nice to have some family over ther and as I could see on the surnames there must be some family from my father in law want this family was so hiuge but he cant remember of there any of his brothers or sisters children or them self moved to oz so try it over this way and hope for some answers but when you want to talk with me in privat you all times can meet me in the PM on this site .thanks for the message best wishes kaz :chatterbox:

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