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  1. WE tried that and it didnt make any difference to us. If anything the neighbours are quiter around here and dont associate with each other. Not that you want to live in each others pockets but I find they areall busy doing their thing
  2. How long is a while? Not to sound smart but we have been in Perth 4 years in April - Ihave met lots and lots of people and I can honestly say Ihave only met one friend who I see regularly. We have a 17 year old daughter so never had the opportunity to meet people from playdates etc because we both work fulltime. Is there still hope? Does it take 10 years to have friends that you can rely on? I know everyone is different but is that one of the trials and tribulations of being an immigrant that you need to accept the loneliness and isolation that comes with it? Me and my hubby are both "bosses" at work so the opportunity to make friends is minimal. Because I have been burnt in the past I have stopped making an effort now. Has anyone got any ideas for people who are nearly 40 with a grown up teenager who does her own thing? Im kinda running out of ideas. Ive done all the days out, nights out , coffees and then the gym, clubs etc. Maybe Im just weird lol!!!! Any feedback would be appreciated
  3. Hi Folks I havent posted on here in a long long time but basically we have now been in Perth 1 year. We live NOR 15km outside of the city. We are from Ireland and I am 36 and my hubby is 37. We have a 15 yr old daughter and are really enjoying our time here in Perth. In the past year I have done loads of things to try and meet new people - done book clubs, wine tours, high teas and tried to really get involved with people. Our neighbours each side of us are really nice but they keep themselves to themselves and because we all work we dont socialise much with each other. The office that I work in has a bunch of really nice people ( a real mix of Irish English Australian South African and Malayasian. We all work well together but there is not much sociliasing or meet ups at weekends (in fairness I dont think people want to be working and socialising with each other). I have met a couple of new friends and by saying that I mean 2 people in the last year that I would call my friends - you know those people you would call if something went wrong. Over the last year I have met people that I like and people that arent my cuppa tea and that ok. Because I work full time and dont have small kids I find it a little harder to meet people - anyone elseI know either doesnt work or they work part time and have loads of free time during the week to socialise with other mothers and go on play dates etc. Some of these happen at the weekend but not having small kids stops me from doing this type of stuff because I think we would stick out like a sore thumb. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same experience or is it just me ?? Cheers Suzanne
  4. surhythms

    Any family members out there?

    Hi Kaz Have you tried any of the Irish facebook websites? You might find someone on them. I dont know if I am allowed say that name on this ! Suzanne
  5. Hey Girls, I am here a year - I live NOR aswell and like that work full time. I have found it really hard to meet people aswell. Now granted I have tried book clubs, wine tours and ladies nights out, I am also a member of a facebook page aswell. I have a teenage daughter so I am not meeting people through kids. I think working full time just doesnt give you the option to go and meet people during the week. Maybe for all us full time workers we could meet up some Saturday afternoon or something. Im definitely interested
  6. surhythms

    Feelings of displacement but not homesick......

    I agree with you both !! I definitely think that things get better once you meet friends - I just guess it is that period from when you are only getting to know people and being really good friends if you get what I mean. Its very easy when you have small children to meet people but not as easy when they are older! I guess with work aswell I am with a few girls in their early 20's so that wont turn into a social outlet for me either. I always wonder is it easier for people who dont have close attachments to their famalies at home as regards emigrating sucessfully.......
  7. surhythms

    Feelings of displacement but not homesick......

    Thanks ALi, its good to know that someone else has been through this. I definitely really really like living here but I guess that it will just take a while to make friends
  8. Hi Guys I don’t know if anyone can help me or give me your thoughts on this situation. We are here in Australia over a year now and spent the first year in Canberra and then we recently moved to Perth. We have been here 3 months. I don’t feel homesick for Ireland nor do I want to go back to Ireland – so I can safely say that Im not pining for the old country. I have a 14 yr old daughter and I work full time so I don’t get the opportunity to meet other mothers at the school or anything like that. Now I have met lovely people so far, and I have joined a book club aswell which also happens once a month. I love Perth and I think its a beautiful place to live and I definitely would like to stay but Im still feeling a little displaced here. I just wondered does anyone else feel like this or is it just a matter of time until I finally establish friendships to ease my displacement? Its not a comfortable feeling but I just have to roll with it for the moment. Anyone else feel this way? Cheers
  9. I have a hairdresser and she is NOR and will travel to your house. She is amazing and very reasonably priced - send me a PM and I will give you her details
  10. Hi E We are from Ireland aswell and there is a facebook page called Irish families in Perth as well as Irish Living in Perth - have a look on both of those sights. They are always having meetups. We are living in the burbs so we probably wouldnt be much used to you on the socialising front Im afraid. Suzanne
  11. surhythms

    Looking for new arrivals to interview

    Hi guys I really get what your saying and to be honest I did agree to talk to Phillipa although our story is not all sunshine and palm trees to be perfectly honest. Its been a tough slog out here and anyone who is under the illusion that moving to Australia is a doddle is probably not being very realistic. I have good points and bad points about the place. One is the employment situation. We are in perth nearly 3 months and my OH is still looking for a job with no luck. I am quite happy to give both sides of the coin and I know many families who are in Perth that are finding it very much a struggle. We are lucky that I have a permanent job ( im not earning big money) and we dont have any small children (just a 14 yr old which brings it stresses). When I read Phillipa's post I didnt read that she was looking for just the good points but a balanced opinion on how we are enjoying it and I took from that well maybe that means not really enjoying it aswell. I have to stay emigrating has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life but I am glad I did it so Im not thinking in 20 years time.. what if .. what if... and if it doesnt work out in the long run we can always try something else. cheers! Suzanne
  12. Hi Emma Ah we are out in the burbs of North Perth (Carine) so it is about 15km from the city. The OH is still trying to get a perm job but as soon as he does I am hoping to increase the activity of my non existent social life How are you guys finding it so far?
  13. I wouldnt have a problem living in any of these areas to be honest. We live in Carine but thats because we have a 14 yr old in school here. If I didnt have kids and need to be in catchment area I would probably live closer to the city althoug its not that far anyway to be honest. I guess it all depends on the type of lifestyle that you want.
  14. Welcome to Perth Emma & Gary, Imsure you will love it here Where are you guys living?
  15. 130k is a great salary you wont have any problem living off that even if you wife doesnt work!