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    hello everyone there in the last post did I recognised that the overweight is a problem too is that so ? and than something else nobody talked about is when you are a smoker what will happened than I mean the xray anyone was in this situation jet ? any info about this by the medical would be great thanks kaz
  2. kaz60

    how long to use 189 visa?

    hello and thanks for this information I am on thinking I wrote a view days ago here in the forum that there are costs for the medical what you have to pay and I have a list from my agend what all the costs and fees for our 457 visa are and thought there is these kindof cost includet but when I ask my agend I haven't become an answer atoll so I feel a wee bit wired about it did she keeped more costs away from me what I should know hmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kaz
  3. kaz60

    how long to use 189 visa?

    hello sorry that I just come in here but cant remember how to open a new threat so just ask any of u of you could tell me what it cost for the medical please I haven't got a clou do you have any idea what you had to pay please ?kaz
  4. thanks evertone that was helpful kaz
  5. oh that sounds not good for as to move to oz thanks that is than s....t thanks kaz
  6. hello I just wanted to ask witch plugs you need iver in oz does the washingmashine works over in oz ? don't know of we should take anything with as are this items very expensive in perth we don't know and where do you got the adapter for the electricals ?in perth or in the uk ?thanks kaz
  7. thanks very much for the advice kaz
  8. hello everybody i am a qualified plasterer with over 25 years of expirience can any one gave me a sponsorship out there being willing to stay anywhere in wa couldnt go over the skilled workers visa just over the age limid so will need a sponsor for a pr visa or 457 visa please is ther anyone willing to help me i would realy appriciet this thanks
  9. kaz60

    Any family members out there?

    Hello Suzanne we don't like facebook so we will not entre into facebook that is what we try our luck here we are in the process to go to WA and thought it would be nice to have some family over ther and as I could see on the surnames there must be some family from my father in law want this family was so hiuge but he cant remember of there any of his brothers or sisters children or them self moved to oz so try it over this way and hope for some answers but when you want to talk with me in privat you all times can meet me in the PM on this site .thanks for the message best wishes kaz
  10. kaz60

    Some pics!

    hey mad cow greate pics wish we was already there but have to find a sponsor first sadly hmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kaz
  11. kaz60

    Mining Careers!!!

    hello i am trying to get a 457 visa and went trough numeres pages and have now deceidet that we go to the expo this month and find out our delf we have two dogs and they have to come with as and we dont know what it cost jet but we have nobody where they cant stay here in the UK but we will do anything to get them with as and end of the month we will go to the expo and find out what is going on from the people ourself would be a good idea to consider for you self of that isnt something for you regards kaz
  12. kaz60

    Mining Careers!!!

    why you had so big problems with the 457 visa ? and is it now bad to come over with the 457 visa my hubby is a qualified plasterer and we would like to come out to australia we dont mind where but our favourt spot would have being perth .could you put as some light in the dark of that a bad plan is for as we are only a couple with 2 dogs no children to look after woul it be possible or is that stupid from as to think that it would work please give as advice kaz
  13. kaz60

    Not fitting any visa

    hello i do not think that was rude and dont understand where the big problem is but naja thats some people for you now we was in the situation simelar but we had problems to find our way onto the visa and we now going to an expo this month and hear it from the horses mouth and that will clear the air for as you are so lucky to be an ozzi man what you doing here ??? kind regards kaz
  14. hello we are new to this forum we would like to come out to WA on the sol list but my hubby falls out of the sol list trough his age now we consider to go with the 457 visa he is also a qualified plasterer sind over 25 years would he have a change to get work under the 457 visa in WA we dont mind where we have to go do we have a real change here regards kaz
  15. kaz60

    457 visa

    oh that is great but would that work if my hubby is than after two years 50 that is the problem he is now 48 thats why he can not apply for a sol visa would that work in his age aswell ? my hubby is a qualified plasterer and we would being in the needet list .are you going out to oz or you are just starting with your visa ? kaz