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Hi everyone,


hope you can help may be a silly question so bear with...


im moving to perth in the next month and am in the process of tying up utilities bills etc here in the uk. Most ask for a new address for the country I'm moving too, and I imagine the passport office etc will need this too. We only have temp. Accommodation for a few weeks so can't use that address and I have no idea where we will be living yet as we need to find a rental?! What have people done in this situation?

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That's what we did. You can get Royal Mail to forward all mail to Australia, but it's expensive. We just got it all sent to a relative who opened them all and sent us anything important. I found that some of them like TV Licensing and Council Tax a bit annoying as I couldn't do them online (the thought that a new address might not be in the UK hasn't occurred to their web people). You may end up spending a lot of time on the phone being told that your call is important and "did you know you can pay your bill or change your address online?". Tip: when given the "press 1 to....." options, always go for the most "salesy" one as you'll generally get through quicker and they can do an internal transfer (with higher priority than a normal incoming call) if they need to.

And while you're doing change of address things don't forget your P85 http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/cnr/p85.pdf - you'll get back any money owing from the tax man. Which is a nice feeling.

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