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Advice needed about possible 457 visa and adding my girlfriend to it please!!!


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Hi all!


Thanks for reading this. I am after advice about an opportunity that has come me and my girlfriends way.


We are both half way through our 2nd year of our working holiday visa's and now working away in Perth and living in Freo. My employer wants to sponsor me on a 457 visa and is adamant he can due to having sponsored other people in the same way. I'm an audio visual technician with lots of valuable experience. My girlfriend and I have decided to look into this option of staying here in aussie for longer!


My question is - how do I get her visa to change too? Does she go on mine and is it relatively straight forward? We have been together over a year and shes from Italy. Whilst her english is very good is she required to sit a test etc?


Please excuse my lack of research, I know I could look into the rules on the government and migration website but this doesn't provide any personal experiences! Any advice on how easy this would be or any problems we would come across would be great!


Thank you in advance,

David & Francesca.

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Thanks for the reply!


Yes we have been living together for about a year. During that time we have lived in perth for 6 months and previously during our farm work and then before that in Manly, NSW. We don't have a shared bank account or anything like that though and we have been staying in shared accommodation. Many thanks for your help!

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