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Not in Perth - Yet

Guest ged1967

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Guest ged1967

Hi folks


just an intoduction


I'm Grant & my partner (& CP) is Alex (46 & 37) We are currently living in North East Scotland.


Alex may have an opportunity to move out to Perth WA with his company. He is an australian citizen so I can come out on a defacto visa/partner visa - Whooohoo


We would like to chat to other folks who are moving out, or have recently moved out to chat with and meet up with if/when - No No WHEN we move out. We hope August(ish) but with most oil companies patience is needed. (it was first mentioned in late Nov'12!!)


We are based just south of Aberdeen but we both work in the city.


So anyone who has moved out or are moving out come & say Hi. Aberdonians are particularly welcome to come & say "Fit like?" or "foos yer doos?"

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I am the Mum in a family of four hoping to move over this summer. Living in the city centre of Aberdeen at the moment.

Do you have any tips for international removals? So many people emigrating from 'Deen so there must be a company that the oil companies etc rely on.

Hoping our house is sold this week.....

We are not in the oil industry but are just ready for a mid-life adventure in a lovely climate!!!



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