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sending my ££'s to australia before i move


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Im moving over to oz end of may and will be looking to exchange money over to my oz bank account before leaving,im still going to keep my uk account open,but down the line probably cancel the uk one.

Ok i have had my visa for a number of years now and i can remember when the exchange rate was great to the pound you got almost double your aussie money,shame how things have changed today.

I know things might get better and i know even worse,but is there a site with a chart showing the months,even weeks of what the exchange rate was during the say past year,or months etc,to see if its getting lower by the day or getting a little better.

I know there is never a good time right now to exchange money to dollars but it has to be done i suppose sometime and i want to try and get as much for my pound as i can.

Have many of you send all your money over when you moved,or just some of your money etc

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yes but its the do i move all he money over to oz,or only a bit for now,it can only get worse right?


http://www.ozforex.com.au/currency-converter/GBP/AUD/10000.00/false Link to a chart. Your question is one we all faced. The question I suppose is do you need it all? If not then leave some and either bring later or leave it for use later. If you have all your start up plans here covered, and you are happy to take a chance on rates turning, then up to you. You have said in other threads though that you are leaving behind property and it may be rented out? If that is the case do you not want to leave some cash in a UK bank account just in case you have any outgoings in relation to that venture? Would it be easier if there was an emergency for example?

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Most Australian Economists seem to think that the Australian dollar has been well over-valued for 2 years now , and can't possibly remain this high forever . In US Dollar terms they talk of 80-85 cents being fair value ? This would equate to approx 58p being fair value ? So , my suggestion , don't change all your money now . At some future stage , you should get better exchange rates .

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Yes would still need to leave money in uk to cover the house,etc as not sold or rented yet,but when i got over to oz i would be looking to buy a car and also a long term rental which probably would use a bit of my money with also not having a job,maybe makes sense in transfering most over?

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