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  1. Carine Senior High

    I have no first hand experience of the school but a couple of friends had kids through Carine SHS and were very happy.
  2. We have finally arrived!

    I am also in Connolly, if you need to know anything local just message me. Been here 12 years so I am quite familiar with the area.
  3. What's for dinner tonight?

    Roast Chicken for us on Sunday too. Will use the left over carcass today to make thai soup with chicken meatballs and rice noodles. My 15 year old daughter's favourite meal I make.
  4. What's for dinner tonight?

    Bacon and spring veg risotto. Nice and quick as I am on lates this week and didn't get home till 7.15.
  5. What's for dinner tonight?

    I am also living from freezer and pantry so tonight was chicken and pistachio korma with rice and parathas. Really tasty and just warming up required.
  6. Electrician Required

    Would thoroughly recommend Acura Electrical. On time, clean and tidy, good workmanship, polite and reasonably priced. Best tradie I have used in 12 years of living here.
  7. How safe is kinross ?

    the one in Hilton is more than just a break in and has quite rightly been reported. I think you are just making stuff up now. either that or you live in some really crappy suburb!! Scaremongering at it's best!! One of our windows was broken accidentally last year and it cost $130 to replace the glass.
  8. Junior Hockey Team wanted

    Joondalup Lakers and Whitfords Hockey are the 2 main ones in this area.
  9. Chicken pox 4 days before we are due to fly!!!

    It's a while ago but an airline refused to let me fly with my 4 year old who was recovering from Chickenpox. It's worth making sure before you travel that you have the appropriate medical clearance.
  10. How safe is kinross ?

    Perth currently has the population equivalent to that of Greater Manchester and Leeds combined. People need to realise that we are a very large city and crime is obviously going to reflect that. Come on people, some perspective is required.
  11. How safe is kinross ?

    I've lived here 12 years so I don't need telling anything. I am aware crime/drugs happens and I am not comparing to the UK. Where in my post did I mention the UK. As usual it's you that seems to mention any comparison with the UK!
  12. How safe is kinross ?

    I swear I sometimes think I live in a different Perth to other people. Yes there is crime but seriously it's not that bad.
  13. Quinns Baptist College

    I don't have any personal experience of the school but have a couple of friends who have been very happy with the school.

    Personally I would stick closer to Joondalup and echo Druid's thoughts. As the parent of teenagers they would be mortified if I moved them to Alkimos. Nothing there, have to travel to anything and I would spend my entire life being a taxi driver, more than I do already!! When we moved I didn't want to be any further north than Burns Beach road or any further East than Wanneroo Rd.
  15. It's a high socioeconomic area and as usual in these areas the schools are normally good. I have no direct experience but from an education point of view I would imagine you would have no issues.