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Thinking Of Reskilling in CAD... Thoughts...

Grainne D

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I'm a Graphic Designer and working in Perth at the minute, however I feel it is a much under appreciated skill having worked at it for a few years now and not really getting a great wage or much career development options here so i am thinking of retraining now in CAD. Has anyone done this - I remember being recommended to do this when I first arrived in Perth and that there was a short course?


Have we any CAD technicians out there could lend some advice or anyone in a similar situation looking to retrain?



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CAD as in computer aided design? I'm an economist, and currently taking an AutoCAD course. So far so good, I like it and I'm good at it. I think the more skills you have the better for you. If you've been recommended to do this, then please retrain.


Best of luck to you, keep us posted.

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