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    Parent Visa & Migration company

    Hi Gill, Main reason for us wanting to move is to be together with the younger members of our family. It would be mom and I reuniting with my sister (and her family). If mom passes away then at least I would have some family beside me. Most of dad's brothers and sisters are dead, the remaining are old and together with their own families. Then there's the issue of jobs, I think I would be more successful in a capital city than in a smaller one here where I live. I have a job now (8 weeks in), but before this I have been unemployed for 13 months - and that's definitely not good. Uni all done (finance and banking), master's degree (corporate finance), etc. Thought of going on my own (489 FS visa coupled with accounting), started the process last year with the IELTS (July 2013), but after receiving my marks and realizing what's what in this country I decided that one exam like this is more than enough for the year (I'm talking about me being out of work back then + the cost of the exam). While I was unemployed I signed up for an AutoCAD course (3 months), at graduation I got the highest score (10/10) out of the 28 people. I am more than capable to work and learn anything new if it's necessary (what does economics have in common with AutoCAD - nothing, and even so I was able to get a perfect score), but instead of working day in, day out, I'm here working where I can, when I can, like most young people in Europe. Anywho, I've been learning Mandarin Chinese since November last year (free courses via the Confucius Institute in our city), and what a surprise, I'm among the best there too. If things continue like this, then it will be either Australia or China. : )) Nuff said. What do you mean by > the rule of, "One fails then all fail," continues < ? Could you give and advice or tips how to calculate the 2nd visa application charge for the 173 or 143 visa? I know about this page http://www.immi.gov.au/Help/Pages/fees-charges/visa.aspx but the 'Note' section (at the parent migration) confuses the hell out of me. My sister thought the cost would be around $15-20K for the both of us, but yesterday I showed her the Note section with the larger amounts, and she said she will have to read that also carefully. Thank you for reading!
  2. Levi

    dental costs

    @lozzachino : She's with HBF.
  3. Levi

    Parent Visa & Migration company

    Here I go @odies : It would be my mom (main applicant) and me (dependent, over 18). We would go for the temporary CPV at first (subclass 173), then the permanent one (subclass 143). Questions: Is there a 1st and 2nd VAC for the temporary visa, and then 1st and 2nd VAC for the permanent visa? In what way was the AoS misleading? Was it AUD14000 in your case? I know about this page http://www.immi.gov.au/Help/Pages/fees-charges/visa.aspx but are the prices in the table the 1st VAC? Where's the amount of the second instalment listed? My sister keeps talking about relatively affordable amounts (10K-14K) but on the fees and charges page I keep seeing bigger sums in the notes area, for example: "19k: The second instalment (payable before grant of visa): 3. Any other applicant: $29 130" - and this is for the temporary contributory parent visa! Thank you!
  4. Levi

    Parent Visa & Migration company

    As others said, this can be done by the applicant him/herself. I have just finished reading the parent migration booklet this week. @odies : What little test on the immi website are you talking about? Also, I’m a little bit confused about the visa application charges, could anybody help me out if I post my questions? Thanks!
  5. Levi

    Heartbleed Virus

    Heartbleed is not a virus, it's a security bug, see more here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartbleed
  6. Levi

    dental costs

    $308. @lozzachino : I'm not familiar with some expressions or the Oz healthcare system, but what does "lifetime limit (of $1300)" mean? @Daveakaginge : "Want it all" ? I hope every service has a fixed price, x, y or z, and the dentist may want as much as he/she likes, why does it matter what my private medical insurance card says? So yes, I'm a noob regarding these things, that's why I ask. Hoping to get some good, clear answers.
  7. Levi

    dental costs

    My sister arrived in Oz 2 years ago, since then she got a jaw surgery and then braces, from what I've heard it wasn't a fortune at all with private insurance. The surgery would have cost 8000 Oz bucks, but she paid about 90. Yes, that's right, not even 100. I don't know how much she paid for the rest, but it wasn't expensive at all. Her braces are coming off in 2 days, so after 2 years she's done with them. Teeth all aligned now.
  8. Levi

    Telephone interview

    I agree with Walkabout's recommendations just above. It's just like any interview, only this time it will be on the phone. I too had a couple of Skype interviews - and I consider all of them as being face-to-face, so: suit, tie, etc. Plus, I prepare: I research the company, have my CV in front of me, and I prepare some questions that I want to ask. You should prepare too!
  9. Levi


    Debs, Peanuts, Portlaunay, Rossmoyne : Thank you and it’s good to be back. Work is sort of good - I’m a dispatcher at a transportation company, started this week. Did I mention my eye surgery/surgeries - still having some issues, but I hope things will get only better. (I have keratoconus.) I’m not wasting any more time with the IELTS. My sister read about a new visa type that could fit us, gave me a link, but I still haven’t checked it out. Soon! MrsM aka Levi: Cool! How come there are Levi’s in Scotland? ‘Levente’ is mostly a Hungarian name. Hope to meet all of you if and when I get to Perth! Until then hang tight, stay healthy - and don’t let bosses get on your nerves haha! Wishing everyone all the best! PS. Oh forgot to add that I've started learning Mandarin Chinese
  10. Levi

    Anyone won IELTS appeal?

    @kay_82 : Thanks for the link. Will have a look at it asap. Update : Haven't been on this site since maybe November, got a little bit busy, family visits and so on. It's March now and only got a job last week. We've been thinking and maybe we will go for a family reunification type of visa, will not leave mom behind. We still have to document ourselves what are the requirements for this visa.
  11. Levi


    I have audio material, PDFs at hand - academic version. I can upload them and share them freely - PM me (anybody).
  12. I don't want to be a pain, but there's a mistake right there! Concentrate GMAC and you will get the score you need. No, no, no - the British Council is more than happy to take your money way more often.
  13. Any other news regarding this?
  14. lozzachino, you beat me to it! So IELTS Tutor, are you into volunteering? Perhaps write here what the examiners are looking for?!
  15. Levi

    The signs are everywhere I look

    Nope, can't see the signs from where I live. IELTS is trying to say 'stay put', even though my English is very good. I'd call what you're "seeing" (aka what your brain "is seeing everywhere") coincidence.