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  1. A friend is breaking lease and so her house is coming up for rent. It is in the centre of Secret Harbour and in the Secret Harbour Primary catchment area. this realty agent will consider applicants from the UK http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-wa-secret+harbour-410413631
  2. SusieQ

    Secret Harbour

    Hi MrsM...I have lived in Secret Harbour since our arrival in 2009, except we moved a couple of suburbs down for 18 months while we saved to buy. We moved back in December just gone and sooo happy to be back. My kids go to Comet Bay Primary and we love it there..that said Secret Harbour Primary is great too. Depending on where you live denotes which school you attend and honestly either one is good. I love the community feel here in Secrets and how we all come together to help others..... We have a great little shopping centre..food/butchers/bakers/newsagents/chemist/florist/donut king/bottle shop/surf shop/fish and chips/pizza/nail bar and pool shop. There are a few facebook pages for Secret Harbour (I admin the Real one ) We have book clubs, running clubs, lots of mums meet up for cinema and theatre trips....honestly lots to get you out and about or just stay at home. Property is premium here and you do get more for your money in other local suburbs, but I have to say I was glad to be back. Any questions feel free to message me. Sue
  3. SusieQ

    Missing UK

    you can get helmans mayo now in both Woolies and Coles....Coles even has is with all the mayos (not the English aisle)
  4. SusieQ

    Comet bay & warnbro high

    Hi Shirley.....Depending on where you live is where the kids can go. My eldest went to Comet Bay and my year 6 will be going next year. Yes like EVERY school it has its issues. The headmaster is approachable.....it is now an Independent school and so in charge of its own budget and can decide on which teachers teach there. They do a lot for the VET program and also the base of the Gifted and Talented.
  5. Well really at a loss what to say in reply to some of the comments here..... I arrived in Secrets back in 2009 and have met some wonderful people, young and old. Secret Harbour is a great community and this has been proved for me time and time again...fundraising for SIDS and kids and recently i have done some fundraising for a young local girl with terminal Cancer and from a raffle and Sausage sizzle the community have raised nearly $2.5K and the locals have donated all the prizes. I don't socialize a lot but could do if i wanted i just choose not to. There is a local book club....We have a residents facebook page where people arrange catch ups...with or without kids...there is a lady started a keep fit/zumba/pilates in the community centre. There are cinema/theatre trips organised. My husband works FIFO on a 4/1 roster i have 3 kids and some times have too much to do. Are any of you going to the Poms in Oz meet on Wednesday...that's a start...some of these ladies meet up socially and go out in the city. You just need to utilise your facebook and google and put yourself out there. But I think Secret Harbour is a great place to live
  6. Hi Kate....I have finally been able to log on!! lol I am coming with Give me a Break......looking forward to it.
  7. SusieQ

    3 lonely Scots on the move to Secret Harbour!

    we moved to Secret Harbour 4 1/2 years ago from the UK and we love it...At the moment we are renting in Madora Bay ( kids still at comet Bay primary in SH) and we will soon be buying back in Secret Harbour. Find people extremely friendly and helpful ...kids are always complaining that I talk to people that i don't even know. Lots of clubs in the area for kids....playgroups for mums of young kiddies...and both Primary Schools are excellent...and lots of Scots here in Secret harbour!! Even a Ceildh happing end of November...(sorry probably spelt wrong!!)
  8. SusieQ

    Singing and drama classes children SOR

    Yes Lou there is a huge choice of dance schools which will include the dong and dance/theatre local to the Port Kennedy area.
  9. SusieQ

    Singing and drama classes children SOR

    My daughter goes to DancEdge in Port Kennedy....she does Tap, ballet, irish, Jazz, Acro and Song and dance theatre. They have a facebook page. They offer a trial week to see if you like it. If you would like any further info then let me know.
  10. SusieQ

    Behind the scenes

    so who or what is STTP
  11. As Ali says...find somewhere then approach your agent regarding breaking of lease. Good luck
  12. SusieQ

    Gymnastics clubs SOR

    There is Stellar Gymnastics in Port Kennedy
  13. Peanuts that is very kind....I think all the application fees for to Activ and then you are allowed to set up a donation page for people to donate to. Not too sure how HBF works......but again thank you xx
  14. [h=2]Perth City to Surf for Sids and Kids[/h] Its that time of year again.....Perth City to Surf is on 25th August. I will once again with a very good friend be doing the 12 km walk in memory of my 4 week old baby..Jake Sonny Yuill. We lost Jake 3 years ago on the 8th April at the age of 4 weeks to SIDS. He was a healthy baby and I put him to bed that previous night but sadly he never woke up. Being only in Australia for a year and not having many friends I could have and would have if it wasn't for SIDS and Kids WA being contacted by a fellow member from this forum I wouldn't be here today. This is why I do fundraising for SIDS and Kids WA and in memory of Jake. Every little helps. Thanks in advance xx http://fundraisingcitytosurf.com.au/sue_yuill_3